We have always believed in new Sustainable Times

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We have shout from the rooftop since years, so much before our actual Times, where topics like listening to young people, professing gender equality, return to empathy are in the headlines; we started before, many years ago,because we always believed it, because it is inside us. 

Today, many more people are sharing and embracing our initiative after we were foregoers.

This is precisely what gives us the greatest satisfaction, which makes the big difference: we have always believed in new Sustainable Times, in deep, beyond the superficial narrative of our Century.

This is our strength, our truth. We were a handful of human beings in 2005 and we are steadily expanding. We “live and reproduce” ourselves because we truly believe and people feel it. We have created something durable, which goes beyond fashions, moments, which goes beyond physical space. 

And the Youth traveling, physically encountering, since years, is the living proof; so vigorous and vibrant.

Isn’t that what counts? When you leave your mobile, your tablet, your computer and meet real people truly dear to you generating real memories?

Yes, sometimes maybe you still look inside that screen to find answers to your life… but then you always come out disappointed and drained. Instead, when you physically meet someone you look at real eyes, real smiles, gestures. You listen to the words, the tone of the voices saying their truths and finally you generate a  dialogue, confront yourself, putting attention in the way of exposing your ideas and you… talk!

The human brain is structured like this: to grow by comparing, listening, evaluating, reflecting, taking care to find memories in its meanders; the right ones that can interconnect with other memories and form a new idea.

If you meet people,your ruminant brain subsides, blow over and you become fully yourself again. 

Instead, the screens take away all this from us, making us unable to reflect, to adapt, to save ourselves, to be aware, to think, and to concentrate; we are giving others control of our own lives, we’re becoming Zombies. We all know Zombies from the most popular American thriller movies but the term Zombie came from the Antilles, where Priests with selfish purposes, called Bokor, according to some popular beliefs, would have been able to restore the life of a corpse; the body magically brought back to a form of life, totally passive, would then be succumbed to the will of the resuscitating magician…

Is this what you want for your life? 

Fortunately, today many people are awakening.

They are re-evaluating many values ​​related to solidarity, acceptance, sharing… and many movements of young people reunite only and solely to take the streets peacefully: an evidence of an important desire for change against the often ridiculous, screaming voices of politics and “influencers” which no longer have inhibitory brakes, culture and education and impose themselves vulgarly.

Awakening must come from us, we are the ones who must re-educate the world and re-educate ourselves. Starting bottom up we must act to shake up these countries, these governments. these institutions that have lost their bearings and are navigating on sight. 

We don’t want to form new political movements, new currents, but we want to bring the theme of education back to the non-formal on the other side of the scale: to transform these model of modern societies where everything must be white or black, where the nuances which are making us unique are daily erased by the willing to pigeonholing us in a political party, in a group, in a colour, in a gender.

I would like to stimulate you to think that our attention should be refocused on the deeper values that doze in you,the ones that you still all possess in the bottom of your soul. 

To evaluate and reflect on who offers us something, what they propose to us and why they propose it to us. 

And stimulate you not to stop at the offered candy, but to go beyond, to look beyond the offer. 

Clearly I know that  I am inviting you to a longer and more difficult path, but this will be a path of guaranteed inner satisfaction, to find that sense of joy and fullness in reaching something that we no longer possess.

In Europe, the ones who were  born without knowing the war or after war, are used to live in a world where satisfactions are cheap and tend to reach and imitate models of the past not even known by their generation.

They try to replicate the American dream of the past; but the American dream of today has only left a coated atmosphere that permits a superficial day dreaming . It is not any more the same of the past: today is a run to achieve and accumulate money, fame, success and power through shortcuts,  to mimic the powerful of the world, be they Stars, Politicians or Models, through their parodies, named Influencers, YouTubers and Celebrities. 

Parodies which no longer even have nowhere in sight the political, cultural depth or the refinement of the many known in the past: instead, they possess a DNA and  communication “agencies” , with the ability to know how to stay at the top, pretending to give to others, guaranteeing everyone a constant happiness by proposing to eliminate obstacles to material satisfaction. 

The astuteness of production is using us, human beings of today, because of our limitless will of self-celebration. Playing along with us, making us believe to be free exactly when we are living on our living flesh the most totalitarian form of power of the whole human history.

And so we become barbarians: possessing a lot of materials goods and having an empty brain; barbarisation is a sign of decadence. 

But this doesn’t matter to the new political and economical rulers of the world.Accumulating as long as they are alive is their goal, 20/30 years, then problems will fall on someone else. 

The solutions can come only finding your true self within yourself

Transform yourselves, therefore, be “ingenuous”: free men in the Roman world were called “ingenuous”(the legal and social condition of those who were born free, or born from a free father). 

They were the natural, those born free, the candids, the ones  with an incorrupt spirit from the world; but today the word is misinterpreted,  it offers the side to derogatory connotations: lack of cunning, forethought, wisdom, knowledge, experience.

But how can simple purity defend itself easily from the numerous sirens that promise immediacy on our omnipresent screens? How can you defend yourself from the consumerist illusion that to be happy you have to buy rather than understand, enjoy rather than rejoice, grab rather than commit … only to find yourself perennially unsatisfied?

Try to put some of these tips into practice 

1) What is artificial becomes natural today; therefore privilege books and Nature

2) Prefer neighborhood shops, cooperatives, handicrafts.

3) Propagate the less is more

4) Get rich by developing your inner life

5) Look for passionate people near you, passionate about books, about stories or anything else, people  that speaks to you about their passions; listen to them, venture into their dreams, study them.

6) Live in peace, stay in the midst of nature as much as you can, do not give in to any forms of violence, we all have them…

7) Practice,  practice!! One minute a day as a first experiment and the reach two minutes and more, make these exercises regular: your brain is a muscle, nothing more, you can exercise it like all other parts of your body!

8) Stop: Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.

And you will see; it is a law, a teaching that we learn from the past: in economic decline, the condition that corresponds is a social and human development.

Give preference to the quality of relationships with yourselves and with others to the detriment of the desire to possess objects which in turn, will have you.

9)have consistency: Ideas are made to be lived. If we are not able to put them into practice, they will only serve to make our ego vibrate. We are all soaked in compromise, but our effort will be to strive for greater coherence. It is the bet of the credibility of our speeches. We change and the world will change.

10) We crave feeling supported, valued and connected: but very many often, nobody will be  out to give you high fives and lavish you in praise, either! So, the trick is, how do YOU support, value and connect with yourself. Is your attitude.Your mental strength and capacity.

These ideas are not exhaustive, it’s your soul job to complete them. There is no way to live ‘immaculate’ on Earth, but if we do not commit ourselves to striving for coherence, we will be reduced to complaining hypocritically about the consequences of our lifestyle.

Happy New Start to All!