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In a world of violence, a journey in the land of human strength

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“The truth of a thing is in the feel of it, not the think of it.” Stanley Kubrick


While life is developing itself more and more in vertical urban environments, the incredible Youth of the World is manifesting its talents even more horizontally.
Give some Teams a believe and an issue to solve, and everyone will work together, forgetting their religious beliefs and cultural differences and united in the effort.
Then, bring them again to the real world and the divisions will reapply…why?
Because it seems we have to live in a world who thought us to be divided: everyone on its own to perform better than the other ones, to compete and gain more power and money.
Differences were born with the first shells utilized as money ‘exchanges…and voilà, game over, or to better say, let’s start the game!
What we have tried to create at Y4PT, and continuously trying to do, is to generate new spaces and new perspectives, new friendships, were the boundaries are useless.
Bringing back to life the incredible hope that only humanity coming from the inside deep hearts is able to bring to a divided actual scenario.
We are accomplishing, with the help of true helpers, passionate and competent people, what makes us feel alive: we are feeding a static world, centred on power and money making, with stories and ideas bringing harmony and feeling of belonging.
We are enhancing the beauty of souls and wisdoms, all through a long path lasting now since 12 years. All trying to understand why we are on this planet, on this Universe, to understand human history, attitudes and activities, to possibly generate guidance and novelties; to make our human society being again in harmony with the planet that hosts us, bringing joy at the same in the communities we form.

Our special hackathon

Through 1 year full of thousands of e-mails, we were able to create a connection based on positivity, energy, will to work, and compete for Humanity with a common goal.
We started with lot of no and denials, and just our firm will to make it happened, opened the door of a random basis’ selection. Like a domino effect cascade, it involved and generated a will of being part of something  huge, that later on reflected the variety of the 22 cities and 37 nationalities involved. Operators, Universities, Authorities, that , after engaging through thousand e-mails exchanges, were feeling committed to something at the beginning they didn’t know how it revealed itself.
After 18 months of bubbling cities and groups generating ideas, we finally all met in Montreal, like if we knew each other since the Age of Time: hugging each other with the news and jumping of joy to meet again with the core old group. Every time is a miracle. We stay connected.

When we meet we are all just breathing together, naturally: just humans.

I’d love to say a few words and name each of you that shared those moments with me: I will forget some so, please forgive me if I do not name all!!

Beibut, putting aside his country idea to develop on his own the project he won with, opening himself to a bigger adventure. Massimo, the kindest, who made his abilities appear so normal. Emma, determined to push here boundaries and fight to advance her Nation. Kim so young and pushy, driven by a “bigger than her” adventure under the guidance of Mark, so deeply appreciative and collaborative. Thomas, a revelation, with a special communication ability, pure eyes and smile that will make people feeling happy and doors easily opening. Julius, such a loving kind and humble young man, while his mind, absolutely a strong one, proudly representing his country. Maria, a bubbling woman with a brilliant mind, a nanotech engineer, who said a scientist cannot be feminine? Igor, the purest mind’s reader that just through emails was connecting and caring for people. Pablo, the shy guy, not yet realizing to be on board of this big adventure.

Yes, an adventure: every Y4PT encounter is a true surprise, as we do not know how energies and minds will combine.

Gustavo and his brother, appreciating every moment of this connection with sparkling eyes, storing every fact and every memory inside his brain to bring it back to his family and life. Marco, the real prototype of the inventor, a deep loving person with a true committed life and believe in humanity. Ignacio, the grateful, learning every step ahead, who, working hard for his passion is building step by step his new reality. Juan Sebastian, faithful to his country’ image, learning to study and live in a country so different from his one. Under his “cover” of silent guy, a wonderful heart and laughing soul. Thomas from Chile, a mix of cultures showed through its entire figure , making committed efforts to work for the Team and opening to the world. Max, the real representative of his country, making smiles happening on his face everyday a bit more.

Fidel, the gentle inscrutable with a giant heart bringing back memories and learnings, always available to listen and give his presence. André, with his contagious enthusiasm and ability to push his boundaries. Eloi, the real geek with millions of ideas in a bubbling mind. Charles, the silent, absorbing and observing, without still believing what was happening through his life! Saeed, the practical one, able to spot the best things and moves with a real chess mind and eyes. Dejan, the “already formed and fitted” guy, so happy to show his abilities but at the same time discovering a place with no pushing competition. Bruno, the humble, introverted that when rightly solicited expressed a real knowledge and commitment.A straightforward Johnathan with his smile and energy…

Many others were there, many others memories of mine to form layers of humanity, all lasting in my mind.

And add to them the great team of passionate “gurus”, mentors, guides, supporters and friends!

Mercedes, finally able to free her mind from job’s clichés, a reserved Lady with a great understanding of the Field.
Laura, a true enthusiastic being, finally living a complete experience where her artistic, spiritual, mentoring, communication abilities and beliefs were all together in one place.
Sam, able to combine his Transport knowledge with his innovative and driven passion, in a tight schedule where everything was respected, fitting and finding the right place. Able to keep on track for long lasting nights and days!
René, a curious discoverer, full of light and true enthusiasm, combined with a lot of knowledge.

Guys, what a human experience was this one!! Such a beautiful journey we had!!

Rafael , the calmer , the observer, the actor who holds things together, able to spot every microgram of a possible problem, anticipating every move to untie the knots.

Yasmina, which I connected through a receiving energy moment, that got finally back positivity and energy from the experience; and so committed that she worked hard to refill the batteries of everyone because of this superior commitment she felt, and that we all had in that special place.

Friends, my words are reductive, especially because I do not use my language to express all these feelings, but,when people like to connect, only good things and energy can circulate in a space that is at a time physical and not.

And this is exactly what happened: without knowing: every piece of the puzzle was falling in the right space. Everything became possible and doable. You, as pillars, were supporting one each other and a fluid chain of love was forming.

Ideas were taking shape, shaped by an over dimensional energy, love was circulating and hugs were becoming the simplest and easiest form of communication, accompanied by continuous bright smiles enlightening everyone faces, also on the most reluctant ones, per culture and tradition. I saw the best tentative smiles from the more no used to, countries’ representatives.

Gratitude and joy were the most frequent feelings showed by words and eyes, while a high tech world of abilities was concentrating there…

Imagine how people could generate more, if only able to work and create in a positive energy environment.

And this is our Mission, yours now too! For everyone that experienced an event like this one , to continue to bring forward, despite all evil, all greed , all jealousy, all sadness, all negativity, all difficulties, this sane spirit.

The spirit of true togetherness to create advancements in a broken society.

Thanks to all of you, who, as simply spirits, despite preformatted education, you were able to be coherent with your deep self and connect , with no boundaries, with other people.

This is the believe we should all go through, the believe in humanity.

Something more than an hackathon

Learn through love and through passion, to unite universes that were thought irreconcilable, finding out, that, all over the world young talented minds are living to put the basis of an already present tomorrow which we can spot among today reality.

Discretely, humbly. And if we can spot them and bring them all together, all these lights will join in a no barrier present future.

Pure harmony were enlightenment, happiness, energy, gratitude, love, sharing , passion, discipline, consciousness, audacity, are the words and believe me, is not rhetoric.

With this “more than a hackathon”, we broke stereotypes and conventions overcoming our limitations.

We showed the world that events like these can be different, it all depends on the ability of showing more feelings and true love.

You all made real friendship through a series of unplanned connectivity in a soul and human value’s environment: we didn’t only innovate, we enjoyed innovating.

Big brands and advertising Mantras affect the world, and Y4PT is willing to show that there is more to it.

From gambling to shopping, social media or booze, we are becoming addicts: our fast paced societies are taking us away from the truth. We have so much stuff and wealth, so many gadgets and choices, but, is any of it making us happier? Does they fulfil us at a deeper level?

I’ve learned the hard way that the only way out is to look within.

Did you already said I believe? Did you already feel that energy that is making you find more energy also when you do not have more? As you see concretely under your eyes that things are changing, also if it is happening slowly? And that you contribute to the positive change of this world? That you have an influence?

Well, this is exactly what we all were, together in Montreal, and where we will stand together, for the future, also in the worst eventuality of not meeting physically again anywhere else in the world.

Because once experienced , you become addicted to Y4PT! ‘Cause we believe in YOU’th!

A giant hug to all!


PS No words are needed to indicate the trust, the beliefs and the long lasting endurance of my closest collaborators, co-founders Alfredo Barba and the Y4PT Chapters and ex chapters, friends from India, Nepal, Colombia and Pakistan , Italy,  Nabeel Faraz, Juju Kaji, Daniel Perez, Muhammad Junaid Mandoori, Lorenzo Casullo,  that relentless are working in their countries and at different  international level to make a real transformation and create positivity all around them. Without you and your strength, this transformation wouldn’t have been possible.

Y4PT Transport Hackaton – Santiago de Chile 2016: un espacio para las soluciones colaborativas

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Columna publicada el día 03/09/2016 en el diario LaTercera con relación a la Transport Hackathon – Santiago de Chile. Escrita por el Dr. Juan Carlos Muñoz, profesor de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile y Director del CEDEUS, junto a Y4PT Capítulo Chile.

El siglo XXI parece destinado a ser el de las megaciudades, los recursos agotables, las redes sociales y las revoluciones tecnológicas. Pasamos de relacionarnos casi exclusivamente con quienes vivían en nuestro entorno geográfico cercano, a poder vincular cualquier rincón del planeta mediante el clic de un celular. A partir de esta permeabilidad de las fronteras ha surgido una generación con una aproximación distinta a la interacción social gracias a las tecnologías de información y comunicación disponibles, lo cual ha significado una profunda transformación en las formas de vincularnos. Cómo enfrentamos nuevas ideas, cómo construimos soluciones y cómo compartimos el conocimiento son parte de este fenómeno.

Así nació el proyecto Transport Hackathon – Santiago de Chile, competencia de ideas innovadoras en el campo del transporte público y la movilidad urbana, enmarcada dentro de la iniciativa global de la Unión Internacional del Transporte Público y su fundación Youth for Public Transport. La Transport Hackathon, que se realizó el 8 y 9 de septiembre en la Estación Mapocho, reunió durante 40 horas seguidas de duro e intenso trabajo a 17 equipos de jóvenes emprendedores. Sus mentes brillantes y llenas de frescura fueron desarrollando prototipos de solución, junto con el apoyo y respaldo de un excelente grupo de mentores, conferencistas y jurado multidisciplinario.

El resultado fue tremendamente exitoso, no sólo por lo interesante y aplicable de los proyectos resultantes, sino también por la propia experiencia de la Transport Hackathon. El evento demuestra el tremendo potencial de dinámicas bien orientadas, no únicamente para los concursantes, sino también para actores con distintos niveles de responsabilidad en el transporte urbano. Abre mentes, dispersa tópicos y miedos, generando conversaciones orientadas a resultados y al bien común. Allí no importa qué cargo tienes, tu origen o edad; solo entender lo que sucede y buscarle una solución entre todos. Este paradigma colaborativo es el gran potencial y la premisa detrás de este tipo de eventos.

La Transport Hackathon es una constatación de una realidad. En la sociedad de hoy, es necesario generar espacios colaborativos holísticos, interactivos y dinámicos, más que congresos de expertos, para alcanzar soluciones o avances. En los primeros, lo relevante son los valores, objetivos comunes y aplicación de conocimientos para proponer soluciones. Esto contrasta con los segundos en que predomina la visión personal de pocos expositores frente a un colectivo pasivamente observante, siendo habitualmente escasos y esquivos los momentos de discusión o profundización. En conclusión, el potencial de la experiencia está en el hacer y no el decir.

Cada una de las personas que pudo experimentar la dulce e inexplicable frenética tortura de la Transport Hackathon salió ampliamente satisfecha. El resultado, más que ganar o perder la competencia, fue generar una red de emociones, conocimiento y soluciones de forma muy intensa. Los nuevos amigos, colegas, ideas, concepciones y visiones distintas compartidas no habrían ocurrido de no haber participado. Esa es la huella de una tendencia que tiene tremendo potencial de transformación social y económica, y que trasciende al evento. Estamos ante un cambio profundo en los procesos de creación de ideas –la innovación abierta, la sociedad de la colaboración- y no una excepción a la regla.

Evidentemente esta oportunidad no es exclusiva del campo del transporte público, la ciudad y su movilidad. Cada uno de los retos que tenemos que afrontar como sociedad necesita de estas dinámicas. El futuro es la colaboración, participación activa y políticas inclusivas. En un mundo con Twitter, Facebook y Periscope, las convenciones sociales verticales pierden sentido y relevancia. Somos parte de una misma red social, directa y descentralizada, que nos permite conectarnos y participar a través de nuevos medios de comunicación, que nos dan la posibilidad de contribuir y ser parte de múltiples iniciativas en pro de la sociedad.

Por último, y no menos importante, el resultado final de esta iniciativa es la presencia de dos equipos chilenos en la gran final mundial de la Y4PT Transport Hackathon en Montreal. Ellos no solo representarán a su país, sino que también se harán parte de un ecosistema donde estarán algunos de los más prominentes actores de movilidad del mundo. Allí tendrán la oportunidad de mostrar sus ideas innovadoras y compartir sus conocimientos y visión del futuro de la movilidad en el mundo. Toda una experiencia que merece ser explorada por quienes desean ser parte de la solución de los complejos desafíos que actualmente enfrenta la humanidad. La buena noticia es que son muchas las mentes que están disponibles.