Y4PT Karlsruhe 2014 – The Scouting Game


Y4PT Youth Lab Karlsruhe 2014

The Scouting Game

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Y4PT Youth Lab Karlsruhe 2014 – The Scouting Game

How a scouting game can transform the life of a city: a realistic scenario of mobility to get to know the city becomes a shared experience and brings ideas to life.

A background team of supporters, several topics in different groups, a legacy for the City of Karlsruhe: a cooperation with local actors and responsible people to be adapted to and replicated in each city with public transit.

It is expected also an “innovative IT-based product” coming out from the participating students.



Who is winning the Y4PT Scouting Game? by Mrs. Alessandra GORINI (Co-Founder & Executive Director of Y4PT) and Mr. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph HUPFER (Dean of the Faculty of Information Management and Media at HS-Karslruhe).




The final scenario for Karlsruhe:

The Y4PT Scouting Game Team integrated by:

  • Students from the Transport Management Program at HS-Karlsruhe, and

the Legacy, with the participation of:

The winner will be announced at IT Solutions For Public Transport – International Conference and Exhibition Karlsruhe 2014 (IT-Trans Karlsruhe 2014) – https://www.it-trans.org/ .



The Y4PT Youth Lab Karlsruhe 2014 – The Scouting Game is possible thanks to: