Y4PT International Youth Lab Doha 2014


    Y4PT At A Glance Flyer by Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT)

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    Y4PT Youth Lab: Putting forward youth-driven feasible pioneering solutions for boosting transport-related mobility sector worldwide.

    To sum up, in an Y4PT Youth Lab, with the facilitation of Mrs. Alessandra GORINI (Co-Founder and Executive Director of Y4PT Foundation), participants (Y4PT Youth Delegates) are organized by same-sized multi-disciplinary working groups to brainstorm leading to highly-innovative ideas (feasible ones) which later on can be expressed as project proposals (by using a basic project management approach). Results are delivered to UITP Members in the audience of the 2nd UITP MENA Public Transport for Large Events Summit to put them into their consideration in order to be possibly implemented in their cities and urban transport systems.

    Y4PT Youth Delegates will put forward highly-innovative ideas for changing current mobility patterns and travel behaviors for more sustainable ones, by proposing education-related projects to inspire current policy makers and private sector for building more human- and environmentally-friendly cities and societies, especially in the Qatar and the MENA Region.

    All these projects coming from this Y4PT Youth Lab edition will be included in the “Y4PT Idearium” to be presented at the 5th Y4PT World Youth Meeting (Y4PT Milan 2015) in the framework of the 61th UITP World Congress and Exhibition (UITP Milan 2015) - www.uitpmilan2015.org -, in order to show to all UITP members a compendium of the wide range of innovative ideas that young people from all over the world have put forward after one decade of uninterrupted activities of Y4PT (in 2005 the UITP Youth Project was created, the forerunner of Y4PT Foundation).

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    Mr. Alain FLAUSCH (UITP Secretary-General and Y4PT Chairman) will make a special announcement in relation to the further involvement of UITP members in the Y4PT Foundation.

    More details coming soon.

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    Y4PT International Youth Lab Doha 2014 is an international event on Sustainable Mobility & Education among Qatar-based Youth & Youth from other regions of the planet, representing several Y4PT Chapters comprised on the Y4PT  Global Youth Network:

    Y4PT Youth Delegates are university-level students (undergraduates in the last year of studies, and graduates) and young professionals in the transport-related mobility sector with different academic backgrounds, some of them working for UITP Members.

    Y4PT Youth Delegates must prove basic knowledge and/or experience in transport-related mobility topics and in project administration/management. Open-minded and proactive attitude. Excellent communication and group-based work skills, especially in an English-speaking environment.

    Note: The list of Y4PT Youth Delegates will be announced coming soon!

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    For making possible the Y4PT International Youth Lab Doha 2014, Y4PT Foundation is supported by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) - acting as its "Parent Organization" - and sponsored by the Ministy of Transport of the State of Qatar & MOWASALAT.


    Y4PT kindly invites all UITP members and other stakeholders around the world to contribute to this event: from making a donation (through PayPal: http://www.y4pt.org/donate ), to entering into a sponsorship arrangement. If your organization is willing to support us in wider way for this noble end, please contact:



    Mrs. Alessandra GORINI
    Co-Founder and Executive Director
    Y4PT Foundation


    Thank you so much in advance for your contribution! 🙂

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    Y4PT Foundation participated at the first edition of the UITP MENA Public Transport For Large Events Summit series held in Doha last year (2013), by organizing a Y4PT Presentation - www.y4pt.org/qatar-is-joining-y4pt - where local young people shared with the audience, from their point of view, the state of art of urban mobility in the MENA region, focusing on terminated, ongoing and proposed transport projects as imperatives for hosting internationally-renowned large-scale events such as EXPO Dubai 2020 and FIFA Qatar 2022.

    Ministy of Transport of the State of Qatar & MOWASALAT sponsored this youth session, by bringing together Mrs. Alessandra GORINI (Co-Founder and Executive Director of Y4PT Foundation) and one (1) Chapter Representative of Y4PT Belgium & EU in Brussels, along with fifty (15) Qatar-based students nominated by the Qatar University (QU), two (2) youth delegates from Kuwait and a group of Oman-based students from Sohar University (SU).

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