Perform Talks by Y4PT is a meaningful learning experience for everyone, on a collaboration based on trust and creativity. Mentors will encourage love for learning, curiosity for the world, and build tenacity in thinking big, imagining surprising and useful concrete realities.

Perform your Talks N° 1 – Learn to Pitch! –

Summer Edition (July – August 2021)

Best participant/s to win the admission to our Y4PT Summit Barcelona 2023!

It often happens that technical projects with quality contents are underestimated or even not considered by investors, due to the lack of communication skills and lack of clarity on future developments, by the presenters who have to expose them to juries.

We decided to create this workshop to help the people around us:

Perform your Talks 1 is aimed at changing the drafting of your projects to make them more appealing and less abstruse; techniques and preparation for exposure and presentation to the public.

 this is workshop built for all ages and all categories, to learn how to think and pitch differently.

It will now take place on-line but can happen everywhere as soon as traveling reopen!

Professional skills, sincerity, empathy, energy and passion will lead Alessandra and her Mentors.

In Perform Talks 1 we are going to use innovative languages, breaking stereotyped and superficial patterns and images, following the commitment to advance in a mature, integrated and responsible way.


  • Structure yourself and show off your project
  • Pitching
  • Storytelling
  • The synergistic and captivating use of writing, voice and images.

through phases of exploration, expression and exposure

Chose the formula that suits you !

You can choose your preferred date – individual lessons or collective lessons (with max 5 persons or 5 teams x group), and the duration level

The BASIC Will be articulated in 3 hours for one (1) day.

The INTERMEDIATE in 3 hours for two (2) days.

The ADVANCED in 3 hours for three (3) days.

(Discussions, practical exercises, practical tools and actions by the participants will be part of each format)

A Participation Certificate will be handed to all participants and the best participant project development , 1 (one) Team representative or 1 (one) individual will participate to the Barcelona Y4PT Summit event June 2023.


These workshops can also include people with disabilities, carefully considering and evaluating their needs

The workshops Performing Talks  1 can be run in 4 different languages:

English, French, Spanish and Italian


Participations to the expenses run from a minimum of 75 Euro for Basic collective Formula to 250 Euro for individual Advanced one! For more info and to register: