2nd Mobility Startup Challenge: Reshaping Societies!

for innovative startups in the mobility sector

Are you the new Reshaper?

Y4PT and UITP are happy to launch the 2nd edition of their Mobility Startup Challenge 2021

An opportunity for each Mobility innovative and creative entrepreneurs to learn from our Y4PT-UITP knowledge, as well as, showcase products to a wider network.

We are seeking innovative start-ups at different stages who will demonstrate their commitment, creativity and enthusiasm for sustainability in their application. Are you one of those innovative and creative Startups or Young Companies with a great ability to get the most out of limited resources? Then the call is for you.

The startups challenge takes place remotely, enabling global participation and collaboration. Wherever you are, even if you are in lock-down, you can subscribe and fully participate throughout.


UITP is the global network of mobility stakeholders and has more than 1800 members in 100 countries, worldwide. Y4PT has the knowledge on how to bring you forward on your idea, MVP, prototype or product and the network of young people and universities worldwide.

What will you get

  • Mentorship and learning from Senior executives in leading companies
  • Connections with leading players in Mobility sector and experts
  • A two year free UITP membership to connect globally
  • Participation to the next UITP-Y4PT events after the pandemic
  • A final video summarizing the Challenge and featuring the Winners
  • Social Media visibility through UITP and Y4PT Channels

The call is open send an email to alessandra.gorini@uitp.org or subscribe here:


We are seeking innovative start-ups at different stages

  1. Newly born start-ups
  2. Consolidated start-ups

who will demonstrate their commitment, creativity, and enthusiasm for sustainability in their application.

We will select the best ones per category after reception of your subscription. Maximum, 15 selected start-ups will participate to the final round of competition.


The call open on the 30 of March and close on the 31 of May 2021


Mentoring will occur for the selected start-ups of each of the above categories. Mentoring will consist of 2 phases (first phase of preparation with Y4PT mentors, second phase with UITP Members and Directors)and will take place from early June 2021 onwards; dates and times to be fixed accordingly to Start-ups and Mentors availabilities


The 15 selected start-ups will participate to the Final  which will take place late-June 2021 and will preview a pitching presentation from each Start-up participating to a Jury composed of different experts in the fields of the Challenge. The Jury will review all project’s presentation and will emit its verdict, electing the winners.


Any area of action is accepted on Sustainable Mobility and Urban lifestyle but a particular focus on the following will be well perceived

  • reinforcing trust and generate innovation on public safety systems, to protect low-income workers, disabled, students and other who rely on transit.
  • How to reduce the number of passengers without losing money? New mapping for walking, biking and electric scooters.
  • The relationship between demand and supply; how commuters might be persuaded to change their travel patterns; and the prospect of more people opting for private cars.
  • How to redesign the urban lifestyle through a new mobility
  • How to redesign the logistic and freight transportation
  • Healthy solutions for a healthier life


an opportunity for each Mobility, and Public Transport innovative and creative entrepreneurs to learn from our Y4PT-UITP knowledge, have special meetings with the best mobility sector’ actors as well as showcase your product to a wider network.

  • You will have the chance to be coached and mentored for free: for one month, the Y4PT and UITP professional mentors, will coach you and you will get to pitch your ideas to the top heads of the mobility sector, network with them and receive market support.
  • Social media visibility on Y4PT and UITP accounts along all the Challenge and after
  • Plus receive a 2 years membership at UITP, to expand your network and participate to future events around the world





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Please join us in congratulating the winners of the First Edition of #ReshapingSocieties#StartupChallenge, selected by a distinguished global jury at IT-TRANS, and announced by UITP Secretary General, Mohamed Mezghani! Innovative solutions for management of #Covid19, and beyond to a better future!

🥇 1st Prize Winners #CITYSWIFTCitySwift#SWIFTCONNECT supports Passengers and Public Transport Operators through the challenges of #Covid19”. 🇮🇪 Ireland

🥈 2nd Prize Winners #HAMBA“Re-imagining urban movement through AI.” 🇿🇦 South Africa

🥉 3rd Prize Winners #SHOTL“#SHOTL makes public transit on- demand by providing dynamic routes and flexible schedules.” 🇩🇪 Germany#Y4PThackathonUITP


  1. Rikesh Shah – Head of Commercial Innovation TfL
  2. Joe Ma – Deputy General Manager Shenzhen Bus Group
  3. Fenton Jagdeo – Commissioner at Toronto Transit Commission
  4. Alessandra Gorini – Founder and Head Y4PT Foundation

Please join us in congratulating the winners of the 2nd Edition June 2021 #ReshapingSocieties#StartupChallenge, selected by a distinguished global jury and announced by UITP Secretary General, Mohamed Mezghani ! Innovative and Sustainable solutions to a better future!


Green Cities Ferries AB (GCF)

is an electric and hydrogen transport systems integrator for waterborne commuting based in Stockholm Sweden. GCF is committed to speed up the transition to zero-emission waterborne mobility and state-of-the-art Beluga24 ferry is a game changer for sustainable waterborne public transportation. The Beluga24 is a standardized, zero-emission, high-speed commuter ferry. It will be powered by either the high-performance LTO (Lithium-Titanium-Oxide) battery system, or for longer routes, the newly developed hydrogen fuel-cell system. 


Wiseair unite people, municipalities and companies in the defense of clean air. Wiseair collect data, generate awareness, promote impact.


Daba’Go offers an application that calculates the optimal route for a given route in major African cities and offers the user a selection of options considering the different means of transport available (train, taxi, tram, walking, bus, boda …). Trips are calculated and classified according to the user’s preference criteria: Cost, duration, maximum number of connections.


  • Clipp is a Super App that integrates several services within a single application such as: intelligent mobility (taxi, bus, scooter), delivery of prepared and unprepared food, last mile logistics, among others, all this under the concept of Mobility as Service (MaaS – Mobility as a Service).
  • Clipp moves cities efficiently, providing a 360 solution to users, improving their quality of life and travel experience.



For further information, contact:

Mrs. Alessandra GORINICo-Founder and Executive Director, Y4PT Foundationalessandra.gorini@uitp.org