Idearium 2005-2015: Report on the 10th Anniversary of Y4PT






Coming soon …. the whole story behind of the First Decade of Y4PT … a special one-off milestone in the lifetime of UITP and its strong long-term commitment in supporting the involvement of young people in advocating sustainable mobility.


UITP Youth Project (2005) → Y4PT (2009) → Y4PT Foundation (since 2013)
Planting, Growing, Harvesting: An example of how a project leads to a fact.

Delivery of a printable Report on the 1st Decade of Y4PT:

It will include the Y4PT Idearium 2005-2015: 10 years planting, growing and harvesting youth-driven ideas for envisioning sustainable mobility worldwide. It will show to all UITP members a compendium of the wide range of innovative ideas that young people from all over the world have put forward after one decade of uninterrupted activities of Y4PT (in 2005 the UITP Youth Project was created, the forerunner of Y4PT Foundation).

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