The New Healthy Mobility Campaign 2021!


A youthful look at mobility from a health perspective 

This year 2021, give it another try for Healthy Mobility!

Take our NEW WALK FOR NATURE Challenge and move around by walking for 15 days sharing your best pics and videos on social media with the #Y4PTwalkfornature hashtag and involve other people telling  them #wechallengeyou @ #Y4PTwalkfornature!

UITP members are welcome to participate and be challenged: do you have a program to encourage your staff being healthier? If not embrace our Challenge and Challenge your Staff with #wechallengeyou @ #walkfornature !!

At the end of 15 days, you should respond the brief survey (1 minute of your time!) and your opinions will be statistically make the difference! The Survey in fact, will highlight  the difference between your lives before the WalkforNature and your lives after  the 15 days Challenge. Statistics about the call will be shared and announced.

Take the Survey also if you are already a Healthy Mobility friend! If you have already integrated in your life a healthy mobility behavior, take the challenge and document it taking the survey to show us your good habits!

Take the Survey here after your 15 days!

Why we are doing it?

Y4PT has decided to launch again a call to promote a healthy life around the world for the benefit of the environment. We urge you to take action  and encourage people of your entourage to walk and reduce carbon emissions. Because of the Pandemic, the number of vehicles is becoming higher and people are not used to walking: particularly, they do not like to go outside their comfort zone!

Y4PT goal with this challenge is to encourage people to walk to reach a physical and mental healthier state, change their lifestyle while at the same time trying to get on board other countries to join the Challenge. The international call will reduce carbon emissions by 15 days and encourage people to reduce their single transportation use. Our target audience?  Everyone!

 Your voice will be heard and will also influence the  decision-making process worldwide in terms of carbon emissions! Concretely, we will present the results of the survey, at different international events and your pics and videos will be highlighted on our Youtube Channel and Social Media accounts!

#walkfornature, your Challenge on Social Media!

We are willing to receive your pics and videos on our Social Media Channels ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ) during the challenge with the hashtag #walkfornature ! You can meet in Nature or other places, walking alone or with other friends or family members ( anti covid19 measures to be respected!!)

The best pics and videos will be selected and posted  on our Y4PT Youtube Channel, Website and Social Media tagging the people who won each challenge!

Get inspired on the box below!

Are you physically aware of the benefits that can be induced by changing our mobility behaviors?

Do you know that you can lose weight, reduce your risks of diabetes, obesity and cholesterol related diseases; have a healthy heart and a lower blood pressure? Do you know that you can avoid depression, be happier and mentally more awaken if you use walk and and integrate other forms of sustainable mobility around your city?

Who can participate?

Everyone interested in promoting walking, biking and sustainable mobility as sustainable alternatives to cars and other private transport modes.


From  1st of April to October 2021 each 15 days! 

Download the printable sticker! 🙂 

Download the printable WALKFORNATURE logo (sticker) which you will be wearing during the challenge period (you can stick it on your bike, bags, books, smart phone, computer…)


You already took the survey? Great! Now! 

Share with us your incredible transformations while you were weighing more before the challenge and less after it! Show your healthy foods, your smiles and walks before, during  and after the challenge, your sunny and healthy skin, your attitudes!

Your success videos and photo’s stories will be awarded on our website and Social Media Channels! 

Here for you just a few ideas of subjects to document your “before and after” WALK FOR NATURE CHALLENGE

  • Weighing more – weighing less
  • Serious faces – Smiling faces
  • Way of dressing: less color – more color
  • Junk food – healthy food
  • Drinking sodas – Drinking water
  • In a car – On a bike
  • In a car- Walking
  • In a car – Using sustainable mobility
  • On a couch – Exercising
  • In front of television – dancing or running with your dog
  • Old hair style – New hair style

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #walkfornature on FacebookTwitter (@Y4PT)Google+LinkedIn and Instagram everytime that you are posting a picture, video or message.

Your experience will influence the climate change and sustainable mobility  decision-making process at different geographical levels and will also raise awareness about the need of  walking, biking and use a sustainable form of mobility all over the world, especially where such transport modes are not as popular as they are in other regions.

Carbon emissions

As you know, carbon emissions are increasing and harming the environment. The urbanization process in large cities is very fast. As a result, car use is increasing, the damage that cars do to the atmosphere is huge. What is a carbon footprint? Did you know that carbon footprints are a major environmental problem? To know how to reduce the carbon footprint, you need to know what a carbon footprint is. The carbon footprint expresses the amount of tons of carbon dioxide that goes directly into the environment as a result of human activities, including greenhouse gases. In short, the amount per capita of harmful effects of human activity on the environment is called a carbon footprint: for example, when driving, heating your house, cooking, shopping, watching TV, etc. You emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide into the environment. This causes carbon footprints to form. The amount of carbon footprint is usually measured once a year.

We look forward to hearing your stories and we encourage you to share your mobility proposals for the upcoming event! 

Thank you for participating in the challenge. If you are interesting in collaborating with Y4PT in future events and studies, please look at and

WALKFORNATURE  was initiated in Baku, Azerbaijan  !

The Walk For Nature Challenge has been started in Baku by the Founder Ulviya Abasova  and the newly formed Y4PT Baku volunteers’ group and  is willing to swap your attitude and bring some positive energy and fresh air on your days!

Baku team is here to ask you to give it a try: leave your car at home, completely or partially, add some walking or biking into your daily displacements and, for 15 days, see the difference, it  is for real!