Y4PT Ring Project

Incubating Creative Ideas, Accelerating Innovative Ventures, Connecting Visionary Minds



  • Y4PT-UITP Foundation is the first-ever and unique global youth-led NGO gathering groups of young professionals willing to collaborate in transforming the world of urban mobility and urban lifestyle.
  • Y4PT Ring Project is willing to create and develop a synergy with all the cities, stakeholders, authorities in terms of participative youth innovation, in a circular way.
  • Y4PT Ring Project is meant to develop a continuous exchange and interaction among all participants to create extraordinary new projects and transform our urban life.
  • Y4PT Ring Project is a powerful instrument of study, innovation and research, an open and dynamic laboratory and flux of energy to experiment and create.
  • Y4PT Ring Project is an expression of the highest mankind power united in front of technology and the fast-new world developments.
  • Y4PT Ring Project reinforces the highest pure human will of belonging to a unique collaborative society.
  • Y4PT Ring Project is coherent to Y4PT’s mission and vision and will operate towards a transversal sustainability evolution with the help of youth minds.
  • Y4PT Ring Project creates scouting, innovation, research, trainings and workshops and practical implementation of projects through new technologies in the field of sustainable urban mobility and lifestyle.
  • Y4PT Ring Project permits relations with universities, research Institutes, and scientific associations.
  • Y4PT Ring Project forms a circular participation of different cities and entities, and is guided by Y4PT-UITP Foundation and the Y4PT Ring Project Innovation Pool of the first 4 city-adherents.
  • Y4PT Ring Project will develop a web.based portal and forum to induce a better participation of all participants, exchange good practices, projects and experiences, a place of shared knowledge and participation.

Next steps

  • To connect four (4) city-members of the Y4PT Ring Project Innovation Pool: Moscow (Russia),  Menden (Germany), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Milan (Italy).
  • To organize two (2) virtual or local meetings per year.
  • To schedule monthly briefing meetings (local or virtual) among the four (4) cities and Y4PT-UITP Foundation.
  • To follow up of the establishment of two (2) Centers of Transport Excellence/Transport Innovation Centers in Germany and Italy.

Further information on request!

Contact: alessandra.gorini@y4pt.org;


In Stockholm 2019, 12 projects were developed.

Becycle “Creating collaborative community connected by a digitally enabled peer to peer bike sharing scheme. Evolving the future of bike ownership, improving accessibility and security. Helping community re-discover the human to human connection.” Karen Diaz Cortazar, Rodrigo Galvan Castillo, Emiliano Giufrida, and remote team member Carolina.
BLI “A wearable safety vest providing navigation assistance through haptic feedback.” Sebastián Gonzales, Dany Rubiano, Marco van Nieuwenhoven, Richard Yantas & Juan Acostupa.
Bora “An AI platform optimizing employee transport routes to increase well-being and productivity, while repurposing shared data to improve local transport for all.” Francisco Robles, Daniel Freitas, Ricardo Mertens, Fausto Junqueira, Willow Chung, Angelo Soares.
Check “Plan, pay and travel easily anywhere. The International universal public transport pass.” Samay Gupta, Neelanshu Singh, Alejandra Ortiz Rengel, Alejandro & Leandro Rosembaum.
Clearway “Public Transport Optimsation software design to help city planners of developing countries, to tackling congestion during major planned events.” Tomiwa Erinosho, with remote team-members Disun Vera-Cruz & Folake Fajemirokun
Compal “Flip the confusion, frustration and cost of airport onward travel into a memorable, sustainable and cost effective social adventure, with a simple browser app.” Lucia Moreno Gonzalez-Paramo, Mariam Khalifeh, Jennifer Guzmán, Alex Koster, Nick Van Apeldoorn, Ignacio O’Mullony.
Eagle Eye “Preventing accidents on train/metro tracks in urban areas, leveraging artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies.” Elhoussine Talab, Omar Alzarooni, Humaid Almarzooqi & Andres Gavilan.
EatRide “The app that nourishes your ride! Relocating micro-mobility solutions in a smarter, tastier way.” Mathias Kuhn, Ludovico Gandolfi, Francesco Borri, Nicolas Iannicelli & Ignacio Abonizio.
Evital “Encouraging active transport, saving lives and avoiding collisions, Evital app gamifies transport to reward positive behavior in drivers, cyclists and  pedestrians in real time with real-world benefits.” Walter Gálvez, Ferney Medina, Angel Tórtola & David Evans.
E-Waste “Augmenting existing infrastructure with crowd-sourced and PT connected logistics, to recycle electronic waste in an efficient and ecofriendly way.” Victoria Insua, Sofia Fonseca, Santiago Kent & Juan Pascual.
HappySphere “A digital platform powered by blockchain 3.0 technology to combine reduction of plastic packaging, energy and food waste with incentivising public transport for a better lifestyle and a healthy planet.” Phuong Hoang
MOVN “Demand-responsive service platform providing an urgently needed alternative  to the unstable and unsafe public transport dominating mobility in urban Syria.” Ahmad Houri, Anna Movsesjan, Kai Ting & René Korte, with remote team members Karim Almur & Mahmoud Shahhoud.
Tres “A policy model integrating public transport services and the recycling industry, to enhance social inclusion and reduce food waste using shared assets.” Hugh Fergusson, Ali Medina, Francisco Vicuna, Juan Diego Cordero & Nina Ebel.