What is Carbon Footprint?

At a glance, Carbon Footprint is the shorthand to describe the best estimate that we can get of the full climate change impact of something. That something could be anything – an activity, an item, a lifestyle, a company, a country or even the whole world.

How to calculate?

Travel Carbon Footprint = Emission Factor * Distance Travelled

What are emissions factors?

  • An emission factor is defined as the average emission rate of a given GHG for a given source, relative to units of activity
  • CO2 equivalent and Global Warming Potential
  • Direct and indirect GHG emissions

Crucial importance of strong data!

Emission Factors of Different Modes of Transport

Emission Factor of different travel modes in gCO2e/pkm (EU averages)

Emission Factor of different travel modes in gCO2e/pkm (EU averages)

About Europe on Track 2

Y4PT is cooperating with AEGEE in the second edition of the project Europe on Track - Capture the future of Europe!, winner of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize in 2013.

Building upon the findings of the first edition, Europe on Track 2 will once again become a communication channel between young people and decision makers. Six participants will travel across the continent from Western Europe, through central-eastern Europe, touching the Balkans and some of the EU neighbouring countries, like Belarus and Ukraine.

The travellers will present and discuss the main topics of the project (Mobility and EUrope - with a special focus on the European Parliamentary Elections in 2014), encourage young people to get involved as active citizens, and capture possible ways of participating in the construction of the European Project.

Y4PT will be responsible for organising and monitoring the sustainability aspect of the project - being one of the core values of Europe on Track.

The ambassadors will be encouraged to use sustainable means of transport such as trains, buses, metros and bicycles where available and will share their experience on using the different modes of transport. The carbon footprint of the entire travel of the ambassadors will be calculated to raise awareness of the importance of our everyday decisions in shaping the future Europe.


  • Reinforce the role of exchange programmes as the most efficient intercultural learning platforms for young people

  • Promote the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ programme and communicate its benefits clearly to young people

  • Encourage young people to take an active part in the European Construction

  • Spread Europtimism among young people and strengthen their feeling of wanting to be a part of the European project

  • Provide a platform for young people to suggest improvements in the system by forming recommendations based on their individual experiences

  • Increase the participation and understanding of young people of the European Parliamentary Elections

  • Raise awareness on the importance of using sustainable modes of transport to reduce EU greenhouse emissions


For more information, please go to the official page of the project:

Contacts in Y4PT Belgium & EU:

Thiago Tavares (thiago.tavares@y4pt.org)
Jerome Kisielewicz (jerome.kisielewicz@y4pt.org)
Heyder Ribeiro (heyder.ribeiro@y4pt.org)

Latest news

Click here to follow the latest posts of Europe on Track on the carbon footprint of our ambassadors.


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Europe on Track – Carbon Footprint

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