Hack COVID-19 and Reshape Societies! (3rd Edition 2021-I)

Online Problem-Solving Call on Global COVID-19 Pandemic!

The impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus is being felt across the globe. This unfolding situation is affecting not only the health of individuals, but also the operation of organisations across many sectors, cohesion of communities, serious financial disruption, and many knock-on implications on our lives, our societies, our destabilized economy.
It is a frightening time, questioning our way of living and we are seeing a wide range of responses to the threat, showcasing the best and worst of humanity.
It is a worldwide fight, on one side, to limit the negative loss of our communities, but is also an occasion to reshape our Societies, to figure out a different way of leaving together finally in harmony with Nature.
At Y4PT, we are committed to fight this worldwide battle all together.
We can go back to the world as it was before or deal decisively with those issues that make us all unnecessarily vulnerable to crises.


Dear friends, supporter, investors, and creative people!! We are NOW at the 2nd edition of this initiative to help the world fight the #virus and Reshape our Human Societies for the good! The symbol you see below, the #Carrick knot, is representing our ties, and our will to reunite communities through our strong #Y4PT network, made of volunteers all over the world. Please share at the maximum with all your communities! We need many rare pearls that can help all of us reshape our way of living, our societies.
a strong focus on building more equal, inclusive and sustainable economies and societies that are more resilient in the face of pandemics, climate change, and the many other global challenges we face.
What the world needs now is solidarity.
With solidarity we can defeat the virus and build a better world.


  • Through a fully remote, agile, global contest designing solutions to make the live in our cities, countryside, communities, better responding to the life as it is now, during this pandemic.
  • Remote: Not as a compromise but deliberately utilising, training in and exploring the best aspects of remote collaboration. Transforming every disadvantage into an opportunity to learn, grow, connect, solve and inspire.
  • Lead by: our experienced, global Y4PT Team contributing support and action across different time zones.
  • Participants: Global Hack Dubai 2020 shortlisted participants can enroll, collaborating to develop & deploy new concrete responses worldwide to shape our communities in a different and more sustainable way, in real time.
  • The Timeframe: February 2021: launch of the Call; March: 4 weeks lead-up and development blocks iterating from idea to trial deployment; 4 x 4 hours weekly checkpoints; May 2021: 15 days Final preparation. (See below for more details; you’ll be contacted after you register). 1 week after the Final, follow up on Social Media and presentation of projects on a virtual fair (Market Place).


  • Mobility and Transport AFTER a force majeure health event – how to reinforce trust and generate innovation on safety systems. New Mapping for walking, biking and electric scooters
  • MaaS and Integrated mobility
  • Safety and new itinerary Logistics and Freight Transport in cities and connected cities
  • Social collaboration to support local communities
  • Maintaining Jobs: Creation of portals for talent exchanges, granular mapping of abilities and jobs requests; need of transparency on changing demands, jobs opportunities, facilitation of redeployment – fast retraining and reskilling (digital literacy, social and emotional skills) –restarting small businesses
  • Maintaining Education and enhance education – women trainings
    Transform the way we consume
  • Reinvent the Cities (Urbanism, Architecture, Green landscaping)
  • Reinvent Life in the Cities ( Leisure activities, how to be together maintaining social distancing, new forms of sharing food )
  • Reinvent Tourism, preserve the knowledge, the culture , the language of little gems and areas around the world and local tourism.
  • Food: Nutrition plans on long term basis, education on food and nutrition
  • Non formal Education –
  • Health (tracing apps, production of respirators, new materials protection masks, protection shelters, future creation of stocks, equipment for hospitals, action on testing population to restart working activities, nutrition plans on long term basis, educating and teaching population how to reinforce their immune system, etc.)
  • Community activities (solidarity initiatives, teaching the use of technologies for elderlies, sharing info platform, reinvent jobs, etc.)

But any other concrete idea IN ANY FIELD is welcome!


Participants will generate ideas we have not dreamed of, but here a few simple practical ones, if you haven’t any!

  • App educating communities
  • Apps permitting to create games to preserve folklore, culture and hidden places
  • Communal ‘check-in’ app for those isolated and without a strong support network.
  • Backend logistics
  • Crowdsourcing activity from people stuck at home – eg games that help with medical research.
  • Organising distribution of people in train coaches to maintain distance between people, use of satellites to reduce queuing
  • Can you innovate some way to mobilise people in your local community to volunteer and support the elderly? Many revolutionary products emerged exactly at these events and we now desperately need more of them to combat not only the emergency circumstances but effectively manage the post-crisis period and prevent further isolation and loneliness.


The focus of the contest will be collaborative, to make a huge joint effort to help Humanity on its whole.
During the Virtual Fair (Market Place), post Hack, contacts with Companies, Countries, Region, Cities and Industries will be facilitated in order to put into practice the prototypes and projects.
Nevertheless, there is a Final Prize: the participation in the next 2021 Y4PT International Hack event in Melbourne, Australia for the best 3 projects, with one person per team.


  • Solutions created have the potential to save lives, transform our way of living benefit the economy, generate income. Small, timely, achievable actions now can have a uniquely powerful impact.
  • Be the first to break new grounds!
  • Combating fear, stress and economic disarray – a feeling of powerlessness contributes to fear and stress. Participating in a global event seeking proactive ways to help feeds a strong sense of purpose.
  • Not just a distraction, but really making a change.
  • Maintaining the benefits of a strong community while physically isolated
  • Serving the global community at a time of great worldwide crisis.
  • A collaborative, remote response now turns the problem of large numbers of people isolated and out of their normal routines into a tremendous resource.


Registration is only open for the Global Hack Dubai 2020 shortlisted participants.

Participants can be Individuals of any age, Groups or Teams of people, Youth of any age, Young Professionals, Robotics Experts, Tech individuals, Companies, who will demonstrate their commitment, creativity, or enthusiasm for sustainability in their application.
Are you one of those innovative and creative companies with a great ability to get the most out of limited resources? Then the call is for you!
Your specific call for Start Ups is available at this link:
Even a simple app that would encourage the citizens to adapt more easily to the changed conditions can mean the world to somebody, not to mention the role that the health tech start -ups play amid these predicaments.
There are so many ways to participate and make a difference so show us how YOU are a champion reshaping our Societies in a sustainable way.
Submissions will be reviewed by Y4PT and assessed relative to creativity, value and potential for immediate or fast sustainability and replication.


The event previews a first phase of calling the Global Hack Dubai 2020 shortlisted participants in february 2021.
Early March 2021 a selection of the possible participants to the Mentoring event will be made by Y4PT.
From half of March 2021, tailor made encounters with Y4PT Mentors will take place to merge people together, discuss, implement, redirect and narrow the ideas, prototypes and skills of participants. Workshops??
Winners will be announced in May 2021 and entitled to participate to the Y4PT International Hack 2021 that will take place in Melbourne, Australia December 2021.


Y4PT Hack #Covid19 & Reshape Societies responding to the pandemic with commitment & ingenuity!

Worldwide innovation, functional prototypes, active trials!

Please join us in congratulating our winning teams:

🥇 1st Prize Winners (to be determined)
🥈 2nd Prize Winners (to be determined)

🥉 3rd Prize Winners (to be determined)
Representatives of the top teams will attend our 2021 Global #hackathon, Melbourne #Australia 🇦🇺!

#Y4PThackathon #NewNormal #StayHome #Covid19 #NewNormal #crisis #innovation


Join our virtual fair and meet the projects created after Hack COVID-19 and Reshape Societies!.

A networking platform

We now decided to generate a virtual fair, a networking platform meetings, to present our projects, discuss the opportunities and facilitate introductions between organisations and Teams. We have winning projects to present you, e-buyers and company innovators around the world : worldwide innovation, functional prototypes and active trials, to suggest you new ways to open new markets and fostering integration.

Know the young minds behind the ideas, they will make a difference to your activities, now and in the future.

All the projects we will present you, despite virtuality, were created by young people from all over the world, open to come out with ideas, collaborating one each other, and integrating the perspective of their home countries into a global problem-solving process, to create scalable solutions, as we are all facing a more palpable, common issue, impacting us at this right moment, the current COVID-19 pandemic.

We will go through an Opening intro and Team’s project presentations. You will be able then to access virtual private rooms for each of you to dialogue with the interested teams. Get inspired, learn, start, build, grow or enhance your businesses, your solutions, have an impact on the world post Covid19 connect privately with the winning teams of our virtual hack “Hack Covid19 – Reshape Societies”.

In one-year time, all these Projects will be presented in Melbourne, during the UITP Global Summit and may be with your support, will reach an advanced level of progress to show the world how far young people are capable to go and reshape societies.


For over 15 years, Y4PT has been bringing together young minds and industry experts in hacks and other events worldwide to collaborate in investigating and solving problems that face us all. We have a growing community of over 40 countries, and double that number of Y4PT Young Ambassadors. Each year we have generated 30/40 local Labs and Hacks, with more than 3 projects per event developed by local Authorities and stakeholders. Yearly global hacks since 2017, each with over 60 participants, have exponentially augmented the perspectives of these projects and collaborations.

To date, we have reached more than 10,000 young people – a proactive, creative, talented and committed worldwide community.


You can contribute to this initiative by donating online (https://www.gofundme.com/f/hack-coronareshape-societies). The Funds will be used to generate and follow up this remote worldwide event through a platform, webinars and remote mentoring, with the selected projects or skilled people in order to generate or implement ideas and prototypes for the world crisis we are living.



For further information, contact:

Mrs. Alessandra GORINICo-Founder and Executive Director, Y4PT Foundationalessandra.gorini@uitp.org