Waste No Time! Take Action Now!


#Y4PThackathon #WasteNoTime

This is a Y4PT Global Call to help solving the TRASH and any kind of waste production and recycling worldwide.

The problem of garbage and wastes of all kinds is taking an incredible dimension due to the extremely high number of people and industries on the Planet, polluting our natural world and our cities.

Many of us do not think about how much we throw away each day and where it ends up. We have become disconnected from the waste stream and the processes involved because it has become so easy – throw something away and never see it again.

As individuals, we need to apply more the “3 R’s” Rule– Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle- it is possible, it is our duty now to keep our Planet clean and healthy.

There are so many ways to make a difference (see videos at the bottom).

Tell us about your initiatives to win an all-paid participation in the next Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon, focused on Holistic Sustainable Mobility (Dubai or Melbourne).


This call is open to any kind of people, schools, classrooms and youth groups, individuals, young professionals who have on going or new sustainability projects willing to give it a try to have their voice and projects heard: we simply need an innovative and stellar solution.

A plus, how to involve the Sustainable Mobility Industry to generate holistic projects where waste and mobility are put into relation.

We are searching for passionate and experts in the following domains: bioengineers, environmentalists, robotic scientists, tech and AI experts, engineers, designers, mathematicians, physicians, medical doctors, food and water experts, nutritionists, compost and bacteria experts , biologists, chemists, among others.

A business model canvas is not required for this Call, but printing out and working on a canvas together with your team can help you consider implementation factors for your Innovative solution. (see videos at the bottom, describing the business model canvas as a tool).

Applications are due on the 31st of December 2019 at 11:59 p.m. ( GMT+1). The three (3) winners selected by Y4PT will be notified in late January 2020.

You are required to submit (in English) a synopsis of your innovative solution project, summarized in a 2 pages max document. Get creative to let your application stand out by submitting photos, videos, essays or artwork describing your environmental project, activity or community!


Register at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScQGC2vSlhqJy7NepEe4ULFhw_d-L09dKFN2904qM1EfdB6TA/viewform?usp=sf_link

Winners are schools, classrooms, youth groups, individuals, young professionals who will demonstrate their commitment, creativity, or enthusiasm for sustainability in their application.

There are so many ways to participate and make a difference so show us how YOU are a champion for WASTE NO TIME!

Submissions will be reviewed by Y4PT and assessed relative to its creativity, educational value, and potential for sustainability and replication.


Inspiration and recognition for the winners and all participants: WASTE NO TIME prize will be granted to inspiring projects based on your solutions to solve waste problems, you created.

Prizes for all teams and individuals:

The best projects will be chosen to be represented at the next Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon, focused on Holistic Sustainable Mobility (Dubai or Melbourne, city will be confirmed by Y4PT later on).

The 3 best projects with one member per team only (or in other words, each best project is entitled to nominate one (1) team member only), will travel and be accommodated to the event and receive a free participation to the 4th Global Final at the next Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon, focused on Holistic Sustainable Mobility to participate in final judging, innovation-focused workshops and activities, and an Awards Ceremony, where the winner and two runners-up will be announced.

The 3 best projects will also be featured on the Y4PT website, Social Media and will have their application materials (such as videos, photographs and scanned artwork) shared with potential investors.

The 3 best projects will participate in a webinar event which will include advice and access to resources relevant to pursuing their Project and building life-long innovative thinking skills, such as marketing, intellectual property, presentation literacy, and more.


For further information, contact the Call coordinators:

Mrs. Alessandra GORINI, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Y4PT-UITP Foundation, alessandra.gorini@uitp.org