Y4PT NutriEnergy World Campaign

Y4PT NutriEnergy World Campaign

Y4PT #NutriEnergy World Campaign

Y4PT NutriEnergy World Campaign

Y4PT NutriEnergy World CampaignY4PT #NutriEnergy World Campaign at 2016 Amsterdam Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution Day. Photo Credit: Hutten (https://www.hutten.eu/)

The purpose of Y4PT #NutriEnergy World Campaign is to show the relationship among energy intake, energy expenditure and energy balance when people use different means of transport such as walking, biking and riding on public transport.

Staying active while traveling without taking into account our dietary habits is a big MISTAKE!

Food is like the fuel that our body needs to keep working as usual. But not any kind of food is appropriate to keep a healthy lifestyle.

For instance, trash food is like fossil fuels … when they are consumed in excess …. they triggers …. LARGE-SCALE PROBLEMS ….. global epidemics (e.g. obesity) and global warming (e.g. air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions coming from industrial mass production), respectively.

#NutriEnergy will enhance our #HealthyMobility Campaign by adding worldwide activities to let people understand that everyone should be accountable and share responsability for environmental degradation, either if we are major pollutant sources (e.g. automobile and oil sectors), or we are common people who are adding burden to public health after wrong individual decisions (e.g. smoking, non-recycling, eating trash food), either instilled by mass media or just after lack of interest.

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A Healthy Mobility implies also a Healthy Eating

In 2013, Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT) Foundation started planning its so called #HealthyMobility Campaign, aiming at unveiling the link between transport and health to all the youth worldwide from an holistic point of view, addressing different global challenges such as road safety, modal shift, air pollution, greenhouse gases emissions, and nutrition.

Y4PT NutriEnergy World Campaign

After two editions of our Y4PT #HealthyMobility – Modal Shift Challenge (check it here: https://www.y4pt.org/projects/campaigns/healthy-mobility/modal-shift/world-2016/), and during the last UITP World Public Transport Summit – Milan 2015 (https://www.uitpsummit.org/), we endorsed U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign (https://www.letsmove.gov/) and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Movement (https://www.jamiesfoodrevolution.org/), becoming multipliers of different voices around the world, with whom we share same passions and visions.

The aim of our brand-new Campaign named #NutriEnergy is to accompany all the people willing to undertake our #HealthyMobility – Modal Shift Challenge and keen to change their lifestyles: we’d like to suggest them how to engage themselves in preparing their own food in a right way but also to know how to eat properly depending on what mean of transport they use to move around, to work, to school.

Y4PT NutriEnergy World Campaign

Positive #NutriEnergy solutions for you!

First of all here are some user-friendly resources that you can access on Internet, that will help you to calculate your needs in terms of human energy intake, expenditure and balance.

Soon we will update this page with basic healthy tips for you to start understanding how your body can better function, as well as your mind, while you are employing specific means of transport. We will launch also a recipe contest that you’ve created for when you are running , when you are walking or whether you are taking public transport.

In the meanwhile read Jamie Oliver’s 10 Healthy Living Tips. (https://www.jamieoliver.com/healthy-living-tips/)

And remember …

Healthy Food is your Healthy Energy Source for your Healthy Body to keep Moving Healthy

Y4PT NutriEnergy World Campaign

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