Y4PT #HealthyMobility World Campaign – 2016 Modal Shift Challenge – 3rd Edition


Y4PT #HealthyMobility World Campaign

2016 Modal Shift Challenge – 3rd Edition

A youthful look at mobility from a health perspective 

After two editions of the Y4PT #HealthyMobility World Campaign – Modal Shift Challenge series (https://www.y4pt.org/projects/campaigns/healthy-mobility/), give it another try ! Take our Challenge and move around your city by using public transport, cycling and/or walking for 1  month at least and share your experience with us by filling up our online survey.

Your voice will be heard at Transports Publics 2016 – European Mobility Exhibition in Paris (France, Europe) and it will also influence the public transport decision-making process worldwide; in fact, we will present the results of the survey, at other different international events.


Our urban areas are becoming more and more polluted because of a rising numbers of cars and congested roads that are concentrating exhaust gases in city’s environments, bringing together millions of people that have to live in those places.

Traffic-related health is decreasing: the hostile relationship between human drive technological change and environment and impacts on health, cloaks a paradox since in the case of transport it facilitates the allocation of socio-economic resources, but at the same time, it causes detriment to the milieu at every single stage of the chain. From one side transport activities supply increasing mobility demands for passengers and goods, while on the other they are associated with growing negative environmental externalities, with clear effects on health.

It is ironic, that for example, a simple action (beneficial with a naked eye) such as driving kids from their homes to the kindergarten or schools in order to receive their daily lessons can damage environment if diesel-fueled school buses or cars are used, and later on the expelled smoke becomes the cause of respiratory diseases in them and people around.

Healthy Mobility is here for a switch!

The Healthy Mobility – Modal Shift Challenge is willing to swap your attitude, and bring some fresh air on your days.

For the third consecutive year, we are asking you to give it a try: leave your car at home, completely or partially, add some walking or biking into your daily displacements and, for 1 month, see the difference, it  is for real!

Later on, take our survey, click on the link below, it will only take 5 minutes! Why? Because:

Y4PT is willing to listen in a detailed way to what people think, and bring your active voices and actions, to the attention of the decision-makers, to rise stronger attention on transport-related issues that are totally uncontrolled by citizens, that passively have to accept to breathe and live in polluted environments, just because of the oil lobby power and car manufacturers hegemony.

Our up-rising can bring all people in the direction of an healthier way of living, walking more, biking more, and taking public transport, to contrast a lethal global attitude.

Are you physically aware of the benefits that can be induced by changing our mobility behaviors?

Do you know that you can lose weight, reduce your risks of diabetes, obesity and cholesterol related diseases; have a healthy heart and a lower blood pressure? Do you know that you can avoid depression, be happier and mentally more awaken if you use public transport and integrate other forms of movement around your city?

Take the Survey also if you are already an Healthy Mobility friend!

If you have already integrated in your life a healthy mobility behavior, take the challenge and document it taking the survey to show us your good habits!

Who can participate?

Everyone interested in promoting public transport, biking and walking as sustainable alternatives to cars and other private transport modes.


During the whole month of May 2016.

How to participate, get involved

Download the printable HealthyMobility logo (sticker) which you will be wearing during the challenge period (you can stick it on your bike, bags, books, smart phone, computer…)

– Think about a “rather than by car” transport mode (public transport, biking, walking, etc…) which you will be using during the scheduled period in order to move around your city.

– At the end of the challenge period, fill up the online survey and provide us with detailed and contextual information about your experience. Your voice will be heard at Transports Publics 2016 – European Mobility Exhibition in Paris (France, Europe) and everywhere in the world!

Post your videos, pics and messages on our Facebook and Twitter walls!

https://www.facebook.com/250503794992509/posts_to_page/ | https://www.twitter.com/y4pt

You already took the survey? Great! Now , we are asking you to document your challenge, and, if you already have healthy habits, show them to us! We are willing to build an exhibit of the best videos and pictures around the world documenting these positive behaviors of yours: so, post on our dedicated Facebook page, the videos and pictures show your change!

Share with us your incredible transformations while you were weighing more before the challenge and less after it! Show your healthy foods, your smiles before and after the challenge, your sunny and healthy skin, your attitudes!

Your success videos and photo’s stories will compose our Y4PT Healthy Mobility Yearbook!

Here for you just a few ideas of subjects to document your “before and after” Healthy Mobility – Modal Shift Challenge:

  • Weighing more – weighing less
  • Serious faces – Smiling faces
  • Way of dressing: less color – more color
  • Junk food – healthy food
  • Drinking sodas – Drinking water
  • In a car – On a bike
  • In a car- Walking
  • In a car – Taking public transport
  • On a couch – Exercising
  • In front of television – dancing or running with your dog
  • Old hair style – New hair style

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #HealthyMobility on FacebookTwitter (@Y4PT)Google+LinkedIn and Instagram everytime that you are posting a picture, video or message.

Your experience will influence the transport decision-making process at different geographical levels and will also raise awareness about the need of using public transport, biking and walking all over the world, especially where such transport modes are not as popular as they are in other regions.

We look forward to hearing your stories and we encourage you to share your mobility proposals for the upcoming event! 

Once again Y4PT is giving you the opportunity to raise your voice and advocate sustainable mobility. Once again we urge everyone to take a step and stand out of the crowd!

Thank you for participating in the challenge. If you are interesting in collaborating with Y4PT in future events and studies, please look at https://www.y4pt.org/chapters/ and https://www.y4pt.org/projects/.


Find the survey as follows:


(or go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16cZmigL2UX8QdrwXeFxIqjTV0WE8ZOjg0IdC-ho4AQ0/ )