Global Call for Joining the #BreathableCities World Campaign


#BreathableCities World Campaign
Air Quality in Urban Transport and Impact on Human Health


Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT), a foundation created by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), kindly invites all stakeholders around the world, to join the #BreathableCities World Campaign (


Air pollution is an issue that concerns to everyone: those who produce it, those who ingest it and those who are supposed to regulate it. Air pollution has no boundaries. It affects all cities around the world and what it is happening in one of them, no matter  the distance, it has an impact on others. We are living in an inter-connected world and there are plenty of issues which are jeopardizing life on Earth. For instance, human activities (e.g. transport) are contributing to climate change by causing sea level rise, extreme weather conditions, declines in Arctic sea ice extent, glacier retreat, degradation of land (affecting food and fresh water supply), damage of biosphere (extinction of life, spread of diseases), just to name a few. It is only on us, each of us, to think about it and start assuming responsabilities, but most of all, to start taking actions, no matter if they are small in scale. Downplaying one’s role is probably the biggest mistake ever when it comes to fighting global issues. Apathy is the greatest enemy in this venture. We are all quite late to stand up but we have to do something to restore our world’s natural balance. There is no other planet we can settle in.

How to host the #BreathableCities World Campaign in your city?

Hosting the #BreathableCities World Campaign in your city is quite simple. It is just matter of will of everyone involved. Please read the following Step-By-Step Manual to get the basic guidelines.

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