• Y4PT Transport Hackathon Series

    After the success of the 1st Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Montreal 2017, the Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT) Foundation, with the support of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), its members and other stakeholders, and following the long-standing tradition of Y4PT Youth Lab series, is promoting the organization of local transport hackathons around the world during the 2017-2019 and 2018-2019 seasons, by combining the best of boundless human creativity and the benefits of current information and communications technologies (ICTs) in collaborative environments, with the aim of advancing transport sector towards sustainability.

    Winners from each local transport hackathon will join other Emirates- and Sweden-based hackers in Dubai and Stockholm, respectively, at the next editions of the Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon series (http://www.y4pt.org/projects/hackathon) in the framework of the world's top sustainable transport events, to contest in a final round for unveiling the world’s best ground-breaking transport solutions.

    Many cities around the world are hosting the first local transport hackathons. Other cities are also welcome to join.

    Different local stakeholders such as universities, youth groups, ICT companies, transport operators, authorities, start-up mentors and hackers are called to collaborate with Y4PT and to be part of the next editions of the world’s first ever global transport hackathon.

    Everyone is invited to get on board. This is an one-off opportunity to show to your audience and users how important is for you to support this kind of events where innovation and creativity is putting forward new ICT-related solutions to boost both the private sector business performance and the public sector policy efficacy, and thus to unlock new opportunities to expand, diversify and renew your organization’s portfolio of products and services.

    Further information at http://www.y4pt.org/projects/hackathon/

  • World Youth Meetings

    The Y4PT World Youth Meeting is an integral part of the UITP World Congress and Mobility & City and Transport Exhibition. It has emerged as an important space that bridges the gap between young people (a great portion of PT users) represented in Y4PT and PT supply such as PT operators, authorities and industries from all over the world, represented in the UITP.

    Thought up in 2007 by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) - www.uitp.org - under the leading hand of Alessandra GORINI (current Co-Founder & Executive Director of Y4PT), the Y4PT Meeting has been held three times in three countries. From its roots as a small gathering among a handful of young people from different profiles but related all with the PT-related mobility sector, the Y4PT Meetings today calls between 20 and 45 delegates from up to 25 nations on six continents.

    From the outset, the Y4PT Meeting series have been held primarily to serve as a platform for young people from different backgrounds, including undergraduate and graduate students, and young professionals. The main objectives of the conference remains the exchange and dissemination of knowledge, initiatives and ideas for the development of the PT-related mobility sector to meet the needs of people, from a youth approach.

    No matter whether those initiatives/ideas have not been materialized yet or not, nor if they have a local, national, continental or global scope. What Y4PT will worth the most is the quality and feasibility of projects presented.

    The Y4PT Meeting 2014 is to be held in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) during 24 April - 02 May 2014 on the theme “Healthy Mobility: a Youthful Look at Mobility from a Health Perspective”.

    It is the only worldwide event that allows young people to think about PT-related mobility issues in a multidisciplinary and multicultural atmosphere. All outcomes are addressed to major representatives from PT-related operators, authorities, industries, associations, universities, research institutes, NGOs, IGOs, among others organizations, from all over the world.

    Meeting objectives

    • To implement our worldwide youth-led movement in favor of sustainable mobility through public transport promotion.
    • To act as an international platform for young people to put forward their ideas on public transport.
    • To be a world networking meeting of young people from different profiles and with keen and genuine interest in PT-related mobility issues.
    • To raise PT stakeholders attention on Y4PT initiatives to make them possible.

    Chronology of Y4PT Meetings

    The Y4PT Meeting has been held three times in two countries and two new versions are scheduled for the coming years:

    • Y4PT Vienna 2009: 1st Y4PT World Youth Meeting
    • Y4PT Dubai 2011: 2nd Y4PT World Youth Meeting
    • Y4PT Geneva 2013: 3rd Y4PT World Youth Meeting
    • Y4PT Dubai 2014: 4th Y4PT World Youth Meeting: http://www.y4pt.org/projects/youth-meeting/dubai-2014/
    • Y4PT Milan 2015: 5th Y4PT World Youth Meeting: http://www.y4pt.org/projects/youth-meeting/milan-2015/

    Y4PT Chapter: Y4PT World

    Alessandra GORINI

  • Youth Laboratories

    The Y4PT Laboratories are designed to empower the Youth through the creation of original skilled projects: they are a factory and repository of youth insight, of multi talented and various background talented youth that can be discovered and selected in your city!

    The Y4PT Laboratories are helping in creating dialogues with the main actors of Public Transport and related sectors.

    Ask them to create a marketing strategy, or to design a product, create a new technologic device…they will always come up with innovation!

    Our latest Y4PT Youth Labs:


    • Y4PT Youth Lab Karlsruhe 2014: http://www.y4pt.org/projects/youth-lab/karlsruhe-2014/
    • Y4PT Youth Lab Doha 2014: http://www.y4pt.org/projects/youth-lab/doha-2014/


    Y4PT Chapter: Y4PT World

    Alessandra GORINI

  • Youth Parliaments

    Y4PT Youth Parliaments are a unique space for debate, reflections and proposals at the heart of the Public Transport System: they gives young people from all over the world the opportunity to share their experiences, exchange their views, reflect together, and, above all, identify common concerns, preoccupations and problems of Public Transport; and contribute to the work of UITP Region Members. Particularly, they are stressing the need for increased consideration of the specificities of young people when developing and managing a Public Transport System.

    Y4PT Chapter: Y4PT World

    Alessandra GORINI

  • Y4PT Youth Awards series

    The Y4PT Youth Awards series is meant to provide deep inspiration for taking further actions in favour of sustainable mobility and young people; it is an effective way to share best practices and lessons learned, and to transfer meaningful knowledge and experience in a see-through way among the wide range of transport-related mobility stakeholders.

    • 1st Y4PT Youth Awards Vienna 2009
    • 2nd Y4PT Youth Awards Dubai 2011
    • 3rd Y4PT Youth Awards Milan 2015

    Further information at http://www.y4pt.org/projects/awards/ .


    Y4PT Chapter: Y4PT World

    Alessandra GORINI

  • healthy2

    The Y4PT World Healthy Mobility Campaign 2014-2015 is a Y4PT-led global initiative to raise awareness among all transport-related mobility stakeholders about the importance of giving priority to sustainable modes and means of transport, especially those environmentally- and HEALTH-friendly, such ones offered by public transport in combination with the so-called active transport (e.g. walking, cycling).

    Further information at http://www.y4pt.org/projects/campaigns/healthy-mobility/ .

  • Y4PT-Breathable-Cities-Challenge-Edition-1-Bogota-Banner

    This initiative is mainly aimed at giving a closer approximation to quantify the real impact of urban air pollution on human health, especially when it is told transport is one of the largest source and its negative externalities are translated into high economical costs.

    Further information at http://www.y4pt.org/projects/campaigns/healthy-mobility/breathable-cities/ .

  • Y4PT-iCOmmit2-World-Campaign-Logo

    Y4PT #iCOmmit2 World Campaign Taking Person Action to Reduce Transport Carbon Footprint

    In the spirit of 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21), Youth for Public Transport (Y4PT) is asking each of you, to participate in iCOmmit2World Campaign, inspired by a wider initiative called Healthy Mobility,  to make a commitment to reduce your own CO2 emissions from transport while you travel.

    We are calling for each of you, young people around the world to present your INDIVIDUAL COMMITMENT for reducing personal CO2 emissions by switching to more sustainable forms of transport. Y4PT will collect your submissions ahead of the 30th of November 2015.

    Further information at http://www.y4pt.org/projects/campaigns/healthy-mobility/icommit2/ .

    Y4PT Chapter - France

    Alfonso Leton

    Other members:
    Alessandra Gorini
    Sebastian Pernet
    Lorenzo Casullo
    Nabeel Faraz

  • Black-Milk-01 

    Black Milk Campaign

    Trying to own the top spot in the global food chain has put humans at highest risk of bio-accumulation. 91% of CO2 emissions are caused from Fossil Fuels (and Cement). 757,895,000: Pollution is one of the biggest global dangers, affecting over 100 million people. That’s comparable to global diseases like malaria and HIV. For every passenger-mile traveled, public transportation produces 95 per cent less carbon monoxide. The species called Homo Sapiens is as much at risk as any other species it may try to save. BlackMilk is an illustration, a reminder of the contamination every life form, including humans, takes in their bodies and environment: everyday, everywhere.

    Y4PT Chapter - India 
    Rashi Saxena


  • caPTure Contest

    With this contest, Y4PT wants to bring the youth to focus on new creative and innovative ways to think about Public Transport… in all its forms! This contest seeks creative proposals that can help improve the urban world through the development of public transport and sustainable mobility. It is an opportunity to showcase Youth solutions, so don’t miss it! You have a proposal related to: education, design and art, sustainable energies, technology and ITS, or tags and slogans? Then, this contest is for you! You can propose projects and videos on your own or you can also team up and send submissions as a team.

  • Y4PT Paper series

    1st Issue (2012) - "Public Transport Options for Youth with Disabilities: A Review of Needs, Challenges, and Initiatives"

    Venue: New Delhi, India (South Asia)
    Event: 13th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons (TRANSED New Delhi 2012)
    URL: http://www.transed2012.in/Common/Uploads/Theme_B_Session_2_CB-I/324-paper-transedAbstract00051.pdf

    Despite the importance of ensuring mobility options and public transport access to all, relatively little is known about the provision of public transport options for young people with disabilities. Youth for Public Transport (Y4PT) is a NGO acting collectively with the youth of the world to educate, disseminate, innovate and improve the urban world through the development of public transport, sustainable mobility and related issues. As such, Y4PT is interested by accessibility and mobility contexts experienced by all young people. This paper acts as a synthesis, a state of the art on what is currently achieved to strengthen the connection between offering sustainable public transport options and meeting the travel needs of disabled youth.


    Marie-Christine Desharnais

    Sebastián PERNET

    2nd Issue (2015)

    Venue: Medellín (Colombia, South America)
    Event: 4th World Bicycle Forum (WBF Medellín 2015)

    A second issue will be released, based on the results of the 1st edition of the Y4PT Breathable Cities Challenge series ( http://www.y4pt.org/projects/campaigns/healthy-mobility/breathable-cities/ ).


    Daniel PÉREZ

    Sebastián PERNET


    3rd Issue (2015)

    Venue: Milan, Italy (Europe)
    Event: 61th UITP World Congress and Exhibition (UITP Milan 2015)

    Following the submission of the issues of Y4PT Paper series, this time, through a selected group ofY4PT Youth Delegates, Y4PT will take part of the Health and Safety Congress Session at UITP Milan 2015, by presenting a desk research paper, addressing the HEALTH dimension in SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY. More information coming soon!


    Ruby MAHDI

    Sebastián PERNET

  • In the past Y4PT took part of different EU-funded projects such as:

    Y4PT is currently participating in:

    Chapter: Y4PT World

    Alessandra Gorini

  • EoT2_logo
    Europe on Track 2

    Y4PT is cooperating with AEGEE in the second edition of the project Europe on Track - Capture the future of Europe!, winner of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize in 2013.

    Building upon the findings of the first edition, Europe on Track 2 will once again become a communication channel between young people and decision makers. Six participants will travel across the continent from Western Europe, through central-eastern Europe, touching the Balkans and some of the EU neighbouring countries, like Belarus and Ukraine.

    The travellers will present and discuss the main topics of the project (Mobility and EUrope - with a special focus on the European Parliamentary Elections in 2014), encourage young people to get involved as active citizens, and capture possible ways of participating in the construction of the European Project.

    Y4PT will be responsible for organising and monitoring the sustainability aspect of the project - being one of the core values of Europe on Track.

    The ambassadors will be encouraged to use sustainable means of transport such as trains, buses, metros and bicycles where available and will share their experience on using the different modes of transport. The carbon footprint of the entire travel of the ambassadors will be calculated to raise awareness of the importance of our everyday decisions in shaping the future Europe: http://www.y4pt.org/projects/europe-on-track/edition-2/carbon-footprint/ .

    The core objectives of the project are:

    • Reinforce the role of exchange programmes as the most efficient intercultural learning platforms for young people

    • Promote the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ programme and communicate its benefits clearly to young people

    • Encourage young people to take an active part in the European Construction

    • Spread Europtimism among young people and strengthen their feeling of wanting to be a part of the European project

    • Provide a platform for young people to suggest improvements in the system by forming recommendations based on their individual experiences

    • Increase the participation and understanding of young people of the European Parliamentary Elections

    • Raise awareness on the importance of using sustainable modes of transport to reduce EU greenhouse emissions


    For more information, please go to the official page of the project:

    Y4PT Chapter - Belgium & EU

    Thiago Tavares 

    Other members:
    Jerome Kisielewicz 

  • tranSPORT logo

    Large sporting events are a source of enjoyment for tens of thousands of people, but can also be a source of intense debate and controversy.

    Mobility plays an essential role in the successful implementation of such events. When the lead time between the bidding to host the event and its delivery extends over several years (e.g. Olympics and Football World Cup), cities have the ideal opportunity to identify long lasting day-to-day mobility applications which can be justified in cost-benefit terms that otherwise might not become politically possible to implement.

    Using public transport to access the sport venues has proven its importance in previous large events. Walking and cycling are also becoming a factor in delivering sustainable transport for large events. Berlin has successfully demonstrated the value of bicycle parking facilities and hire schemes at the 2006 Football World Cup. In all cases, dissemination of information to visitors has been found to be important both pre-event and during the event to promote the efficient and safe use of the mobility alternatives available.


    Promote sustainable mobility linked to large sporting events and inspire other initiatives to be pursued and implemented in the host country and abroad

    Inform the travellers about alternative mode choices, schedules, ticket prices and journey times to ensure efficient and safe use of the available transport options.

    Understand the behaviour of locals and visitors in large sporting events and use the outcomes as a benchmark for promoting sustainable mobility solutions for future large events

    Promote the active participation of young people in transport and mobility issues to increase the impact of investments on transport in the quality of life of citizens, thereby leaving a lasting legacy.

    Strategic Planning and activities

    Action 1:

    Football on wheels: the event will be organised 1 month before the kick-off of the World Cup during a round of the Brazilian football championship to call attention to the importance of using different means of transport to reach the sporting venues. The event will engage more than 300 people, with a potential reach of more than 100.000, from the 12 host cities simultaneously to go cycling to the stadiums instead of using cars.

    Action 2:

    Travel like a local: Y4PT ambassadors will work actively in the distribution of informative mobility guides to visitors before the individual leaves their home and upon their arrival in the host country to share the local perspective and experience on how to make the best use of the different modes of transport available in the city to reach the football stadium and the different touristic attractions in an efficient and safe way.

    Action 3:

    Share your paths: a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative survey will be carried out in different host cities to understand the perspectives and opinions of the attendees of the World Cup in relation to the use of different modes of transport in large sporting events. The results of the study will serve as a benchmark for the future large sporting events.

    Action 4:

    Y4PT Youth Laboratories: One of the most important legacies of the World Cup is the improved transport systems in the cities. However, it is important to ensure that the citizens will benefit from this public transport system after the end of the tournament. The Youth Labs will promote the active participation of young people in workshop to identify challenges and find solutions to the transport and mobility issues in the host city. The result will be presented to the local authorities and operators responsible for the regulation and management of the local public transport system.

    Y4PT Chapter - Belgium & EU

    Thiago Tavares 

    Other members:
    Alex Greceniuc

    Bianca Faragau
    Eduard Bogeanu
    Heyder Ribeiro
    Jerome Kisielewicz
    Malcolm Lesley
    Renato Carvaho
    Sebastián Pernet


  • mfc

    Various studies have shown that Brussels is one of the most congested cities in Europe. However, the reasons for the strong car culture in the capital of Europe are not always clear. The project Moving for Change will analyse the factors that contribute to people’s behaviour regarding mobility and will use the findings of this research to develop initiatives to tackle the core of the problem. Moving for Change will focus on university students, young professionals and adults as they compose the majority of the current and future drivers. The target group will be involved in all phases of the process in order to give them ownership of the project and to make the drive for change. Moving for Change will make use of innovative and participative activities to reach out hundreds of people from the wider public as well as various stakeholders, including local, national and European institutions.

    Facebook  page:

    Y4PT Chapter - Belgium & EU

    Thiago Tavares 

    Other members:
    Sebastián Pernet
    Jerome Kisielewicz
    Jorrit Bakker
    Renato Carvalho

  • Click for Solutions

    In light with the PTx2 strategy of UITP that aspires to increase global use of public transport, smart and effective innovations ClickforSolutions is a ‘signature project’ devised by members of Youth for Public Transport in London, England combining and promoting ideas conceived from the user’s. The youth-led online portal allows everyone to support and/or propose solutions related to public transport. It promotes activism and most importantly concrete solutions encouraging improvements to public transport on a global platform. The allows thousands of individuals to propose a transport related solution (even small and simple), as well as sign up for ideas already suggested – ‘click’ for a solution striving to make our daily lives easier.

    How is it different?

    • First global, youth-led catalyst to implement improvement
    • Empowers all individuals to voice and support change
    • Transparent and impartial
    • Encourages social responsibility

    Why is support needed?

    • Advocates the support and/or proposal of realistic solutions
    • Supports integrated mobility and behaviour change
    • Encourages innovation
    • Reduces congestion and C02 emissions
    • Improves safety
    • Prioritises PEOPLE over vehicles

    Y4PT Chapter - United Kingdom

    Mathias Berktold 

    Other members:
    Areena David

  • GeCo Card 01


    Geco Card

    Dubai 2011

    The GeCO program is a strong social marketing tool that aims to create an image of an ecologically sensitive and environmentally aware community of individuals, organisations and companies. The GeCo-Card is part of a loyalty program that supports your everyday greener living:

    i. Collect points spend points
    ii. Use the bus get a point.
    iii. Make use of it for a cup of coffee in a partner organic shop
    iv. Use the car sharing service of your town
    v. Donate it for an environmental project

    The GeCo-Card brings together greener businesses
    The GeCO-Card:
    i. rewards people for eco-friendly living,
    ii. helps green businesses to be identified and reached
    iii. creates a sustainable community with conscious consumption

    Y4PT Chapter - India

    Rashi Saxena
  • Logo solo

    Moscow and Trolley Buses

    New moscow - it's a project of Moscow district area development, which was joined to Moscow last year. This area can be characterized by three main points: Huge area, Small population, Huge transportation problems.

    BRT - bus or trolleybus system using fully-dedicated bus lanes, big distances between bus stops, cehicles with max. Сapacity. Such systems can sometimes take a place of speed tram or even metro because of high speed and big carrying capacity.

    New Moscow BRT is:

    1) Full-scale BRT with fully-dedicated lines and multilevel crossings (or with priority for the trolley if it's in one-level). Lines can be created on the current road, because it will be widen from 4 to 8 rows in next 3-4 years.
    2) High speed system. Only main stops, big distances between stops. High-quality enclosed bus stops using with payment collection on it (not in the trolleybus).
    3) Vehicles with maximal capacity.

    Why trolley?

    1) It permits return the investments and make trolley system cheaper than bus system in future.
    2)Eelectric transport is more comfortable for passengers because of quieter and smoother engine.
    3) Trolley is more environmentally friendly for the city.
    4) This project could show to moskovites that trolley is not an old-fashioned transport. It can be modern, attractive and very good. This project could be a start point of all Moscow trolley system renovation, which is very old now.

    Y4PT Chapter - Russia

    Artiom Tsarev   
  • Go Green! Go Oman! Cycle Rally!

    We Member of Youth for
    Public Transport and  Students from SoharUniversity, are willing to conduct an event GO GREEN GO OMAN Cycle Rally based on GO GREEN, EARTH DAY which plays a role on the issues of Pollutions and Environmental Issues. As per the name Go Green Go Oman is an event which will create awareness between people and the government on the topic of air pollutions and its effects on atmosphere in Oman. For all this issues we create these events as “A day without Cars” cycle rally. As we all know 92% of air pollutions are due to rise of number of cars uses, due to which we planned to take a step forward and take a lead to make this place a better place. For which Cycle rally will be conducted at end of April in SOHAR from (Sohar fish market “CORNISH” to Sohar University”) about 13km rally, in which we have students from different schools and collage taking part. We do even have serious people who are willing to come with all this we keep open invitation for all the people who are willing to join in. No matter what age you are, all are welcomed to join. As this event is highly public, in which we expect to have large number of people taking apart. Due to event is on pubic  road we have supports from ROP and HOSPITALS for the road and safety, and with this it would be attracted toward media by which our message will be delivered to the Government and higher authorities to take necessary actions towards the issues.

    As our group work in YOUTH FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORT which is organizations which creates awareness between people on usage of public transport. Why and the advantages of using public transport. This would be leading help towards our event to showcase our group.

    To make this event more effective and successful we need all the support we can get. Give a helping hand, and help us making this place a better place for future. Where every living being be able breath the refreshing and pure air.



    Y4PT Chapter - Oman


    Geomon George

    Other members:
    Mohamed Al Shibli

  • Bangalore Education Project