Our NGO is born, the Y4PT Foundation is now a fact!

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We are sure the Y4PT Foundation experience will encourage more individuals and istitutions to take risks and give life and sustainability to big ideas.

Imagine…a global network of young people working together for positive changes and sustainable  development around the world.. such a network exist and his name is Y4PT…!

Youth For Public Transport Foundation is now a passionate international non-governmental Youth Organisation (NGO) that promotes the active participation of young people in advocating sustainable mobility  by promoting the integrated use of public transport with the other means of transport in order to seek a greater welfare and a better quality of life of all people around the world.

Our story started in Germany in Karlsruhe, in 2007, where a visionary group of the International Association of Public Transportation (UITP), decided to start involving young people to talk about their perceptions of Public Transport and bring a fresh perspective on the world of Transport, so often considered old: they were thinking, there must be a better way to bring a new attitude, a new concept, to anyone in the world!

After the success of Karlsruhe, the process was replicated in other countries, and after each meeting, more and more young people were involved in finding solutions for current societal challenges and in promoting a better transportation system that provides a positive mobility experience and accessibility to all citizens.

Within 2 years Y4PT reached Latin America, Asia and Africa students and professionals, hundred of them!

We became The Y4PT Young Ambassadors , spread all over the world,  working together because we think and we believe, that no boundaries and no limits should exist in promoting sustainable development to communities worldwide.

Amazing talents can be find anywhere! May be the next Albert Einstein or the next Steve Jobs is living in a remote village in Africa and he/she would be able to come with the next big idea and make the world a better place.

Educated, employed and engaged young people should be all over to use their power to solve the world’s toughest problems.

We listen to good ideas…we help them to grow…we invest our time …to change the face of the world!

Is a really exciting time: we are proud to have generated a new model, we are gathering a world of  interactions per countries, per students , per classes , per young professionals!

We believe in bottom up processes to take place, connecting and committing everyone to invert the pyramid:

One of Y4PT‘s main goals is to promote the active participation of young people in solving transport and mobility issues at all levels and in all scenarios since youth is currently a major category of public transport users and they are inheritors of all outcomes derived from all decisions taken today.

Every young person deserves the opportunity to realize his/her full potential, and, at Y4PT, we understand that is not just a matter of asking them to participate in our adventure, or giving them a platform to express themselves, but is the ability to keep them together for years, founding common interests and deep links between each others, to grow together and feel as a whole being!!

Alessandra Gorini – Thiago Tavares

Sustainable mobility definition:


  • Allows the basic access and development needs of individuals, companies and society to be met safely and in a manner consistent with human and ecosystem health, and promotes equity within and between successive generations.
  • Is Affordable, operates fairly and efficiently, offers a choice of transport mode, and supports a competitive economy, as well as balanced regional development.
  • Limits emissions and waste within the planet’s ability to absorb them, uses renewable resources at or below their rates of generation, and uses non-renewable resources at or below the rates of development of renewable substitutes, while minimizing the impact on the use of land and the generation of noise.