Examples of latest achievements of Projects issued by the Y4PT Global Hack Contest

2011 – Dubai

A project developed by a multinational European Team of a Solar Energy Tunnel for bikes, saw the light during the Y4PT Global Hack Final at the MENA Congress Dubai.

This project is now a reality in some areas of China

2017 – Russia


A project issued from a Y4PT Global Hack, to create an app helping users find their way
during large events has been developed and incorporated into the MOSCOW METRO
app and was in use in the year 2018. During the FIFA World Cup a special module has also been developed and used by Moscow Metro.

2017 – Colombia

A project for a greenlight to save lives, predict and avoid traffic accidents using solar traffic lights and data,
has won international and national prizes and has been developed by
local national municipalities in Colombia and is actually patented in Spain.

2017 – Colombia

Team GREEN FLEET MANAGEMENT who developed a tool to:

Connect to your car

Identify your driving performance

Identify maintenance status, fuel consumption, environmental status, associated costs and many more parameters, to achieve also a sustainable fleet

Feed your energy inventories, gas emissions, studies and consultancies, from the most complete vehicle operation database

Is now an automotive technological innovation company committed to improving fuel consumption in clients’ vehicles.

2018 – Italy

A project to innovate integrated mobility won a 4 months
acceleration programme hosted by POLIHUB (a STARTUP INCUBATOR AT
POLIMI), which helped giving a solid structure to the business idea. During that time, they have built
their website, and designed the early version of their idea.

A second project in Milan was seeing the creation of a smart integrated metro station with energy generated by a piezoelectric pavement: today a Start Up is born to implement this idea and sell it around the world.

2019 Belgium/Sweden

A Team who developed an efficient sustainable waterborne mobility project, implemented year by year,

is nowadays a Company who develop innovative, energy efficient and emission-free high speed ferries for inland waterways and island traffic.

2020 – Ecuador

In time of COVID, a project to transform underused PT assets into
supermarkets on wheels and the creation of a platform with environmentally friendly products
and packaging has been developed by a local Ecuadorian Team and is a growing reality in Cuenca, helping small producer to undergo sustainable transformation in their businesses.

2021 Argentina

The Leader of a Y4PT Multinational Team who competed several times in Dubai, Montreal, Stockholm, is now the Founder of a Tech Company in Argentina which create Smart Cities Projects,Medical Projects in time of Covid, etc (e.g. diesel engine with hydraulic power to reduce the environmental impact and production costs by 35 percent, with financing from the public company of urban passenger transport services of Argentine cities.

2020 – Kenya

A project from an idea of helping nurses and doctors
reaching hospitals in Nairobi during Pandemic times, is now a first service
ride-sharing accessible vans in Kenya


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