Y4PT United Arab Emirates in Dubai

Y4PT UAE in Dubai: Chapter Profile

What is our name?

Chapter Code: Y4PT-AE-Dubai
Chapter Long Name: Y4PT United Arab Emirates in Dubai
Chapter Short Name: Y4PT UAE in Dubai

Where are we located?

Country: United Arab Emirates
Emirate of Dubai
Chapter Geographical Scope:

Which languages do we speak?

Chapter First Language: English (EN)
Chapter Second Language: Arabic (AR)

How are we organized?

Chapter Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dy4pt/
Chapter General Coordinator (CGC): Mr. Essa AL-HASHEMI – essa.alhashemi@y4pt.org
Chapter Coordinators (Functional Areas):

Chapter Representatives: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dy4pt/members/
Wanna be part of our Chapter?: https://www.y4pt.org/get-involved/roles/chapter-representative/

What do we do? (Events & Projects)

Chapter Events:

Chapter Projects:

  • Dubai Youth For Public Transport (DY4PT) Initiative:


Stay tuned with us! (News & Agenda)

Chapter Website: https://www.y4pt.org/chapters/world/uae/dubai/
Chapter Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/dy4pt
Chapter News: https://www.y4pt.org/category/chapters/world/uae/dubai/
Chaper Public Agenda: https://www.google.com/calendar/
Chapter Contact e-mail: y4pt-ae-dubai@y4pt.org

Our local supporters 

UITP Members in United Arab Emirates: https://www.uitp.org/all-members

  • Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) of the Emirate of Dubai: https://www.rta.ae/dy4pt


    • Relationship with Y4PT: Apart from being a local supporter, RTA Dubai is also the “First Honorary Founding Member” of Y4PT Foundation, that is, RTA Dubai is the leading supporter of the Y4PT Global Youth Network, comprising all Y4PT Chapters around the world: https://www.y4pt.org/chapters/ .
    • Key people:
      • H.E. Mr. Mattar AL-TAYER, Chairman & Executive Director, RTA Dubai

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