Y4PT Nepal in Kathmandu

Y4PT Nepal in Kathmandu: Chapter Profile

What is our name?

Chapter Code: Y4PT-NP-Kathmandu
Chapter Long Name: Y4PT Nepal in Kathmandu
Chapter Short Name: Y4PT Nepal in Kathmandu

Where are we located?

Country: Nepal
Chapter Geographical Scope:

Which languages do we speak?

Chapter First Language: Nepali (NP)
Chapter Second Language: English (EN)

How are we organized?

Chapter Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/198512916991991/
Chapter General Coordinator (CGC): Mr. Juju MAHARJAN  – juju.maharjan@y4pt.org
Chapter Coordinators (Functional Areas): –
Chapter Representatives: https://www.facebook.com/groups/198512916991991/members/
Wanna be part of our Chapter?: https://www.y4pt.org/get-involved/roles/chapter-representative/

What do we do? (Events & Projects)

Chapter Events:

Chapter Presentations:

Chapter Projects: https://www.y4pt.org/projects/

Participation in External Events:

Other actions:

Related Initiatives:

Stay tuned with us! (News & Agenda)

Chapter Website: https://www.y4pt.org/chapters/world/nepal/kathmandu/
Chapter Facebook Page:
Chapter News: https://www.y4pt.org/category/chapters/world/nepal/kathmandu/
Chaper Public Agenda: https://www.google.com/calendar/
Chapter Contact e-mail: y4pt-np-kathmandu@y4pt.org

Our local supporters 

UITP Members in Colombia: https://www.uitp.org/all-members


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