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Why and How to Become a Member of a Y4PT Chapter?

  • Y4PT has a workforce of committed and pro-active volunteers coming from all continents, with different backgrounds, who are organized by geographical scope.
  • If you want to promote an initiative and/or create an action and/or start a project in favor of an holistic sustainable living, included sustainable mobility,  in your country/city (place of residence, no matter what your nationality is) or worldwide, Y4PT is the right space to do it!
  • If you need the support of local stakeholders  to succeed in your initiative(s)/action(s)/project(s), Y4PT can have access to  UITP members from all over the world (https://www.uitp.org/all-members).
  • Check if your country/city/university is listed or not
  • If is is listed, e-mail the Chapter General Coordinator (CGC) AND/OR any current Chapter Representative (CRP) WITH copy to contact@y4pt.org ALWAYS in order to guarantee your request will be processed correctly. You might also fill out the following form: https://www.y4pt.org/get-involved/roles/chapter-representative/ .
  • If it is not listed, contact us at https://www.y4pt.org/get-involved/roles/chapter-representative/ in order to proceed to opening a chapter led by you.
  • To open an university-level chapter, you should be an active student (currently enrolled).
  • Y4PT is OPEN to EVERYONE and there is NO any kind of barriers to be part of it.

Let the adventure begin! 🙂


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