Hack COVID-19 And Reshape Societies: Building A New Normal All Together!

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Written by

Sebastián PERNET

Co-Founder of Y4PT Foundation

I just want to take this time, really briefly, to share some thoughts with you after this wonderful experience.

Y4PT is like one of those big, numerous families we used to see in the past, the bigger it gets, the more diverse it gets, and in fact that’s one of our main assets: our diversity.

All people involved in Y4PT have a particular story behind to tell, and throughout all these years we have shared different perspectives of life, how we understand reality, and why those personal realities differ from one geography to another.

We have learned not to live in our own bubbles anymore, ignoring what it is happening out there, beyond our social circles, the cities we grew up in, the countries we were born in. We are now more empathic for other people’s problems and aware of our interconnected way of living.

We are all humans, right? In the end we have all the same needs and desires. Everyone is on the quest of pursuing happiness, isn’t it?

For some people it might sound obvious, but for other not.

For instance breathing in fresh, clean air should be the same in Norway, in India, and elsewhere, but unfortunately is not. Having equal access to education should be the same in Switzerland, in Nigeria, and elsewhere, but is not. Riding on a quality public transport system should be the same in London (UK), in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and elsewhere, but is not. Being a woman and walking safely on the street should be the same in Iceland, in Mexico, and elsewhere, but is not.

In Y4PT we have learned not only to address problems from a local perspective, but to make them globally known and to find solutions in a collective way.

During all these years, especially when we evolved to our current hackathon format, we noticed how diversity became important to create a more completed, more agreed knowledge, one that is built up on consensus and based on facts.

But creating consensus requires leadership. When you guys have the opportunity to steer a team, guide them, let everyone to have a say, build up agreement in a constructive way in order for all of them to feel part of the solution, and to create a sense of belonging, of identity.

Stay also curious, do not take all for granted and do not allow others think, decide for you. Over the past years information is getting more open for everyone, so please read as much as you can, confront sources and establish your own criteria. But keep yourselves alert, not all information circulating is fact-proved. Stay humble but also responsive, attentive. Knowledge is so vast that sometimes it is hard to pretend to own the truth.

Time is changing, not all shall remain the same forever. So guys adapt to new paradigms. We know that altering our comfort zone is tough, but we humans are made for becoming accustomed to new realities, to a new normal like the one we are striving for setting up on these days.

And this is what you have done all here guys, team members of each project. Despite virtuality, you were open to come out with ideas, collaborating one each other, and integrating the perspective of your home countries into a global problem-solving process, to create solutions that are scalable, because of in the end we are now facing a more palpable, common issue, that is impacting to all of us at this right moment, like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

No matter what the final results were, we encourage you guys, from each team, not to live at the moment, but to keep up your motivation, always willing to contribute to a change.

Keep a sense of purpose in every single thing you do in life, now and after. We hope that in one-year time, in Melbourne, all these projects have reached an advanced level of progress to prove yourselves and to show to the world how far you are capable to go.

Be aware that developing a working solution as the ones you put forward during our virtual hackathon, you might be saving lives and that’s the noble side of your endeavors. So hands up for that!

Last but not least and on behalf of Y4PT we want to thank the people who were there, on a daily basis, making this event possible and because of timing limitations we could not hear from them during the finale and they were there connected, from the beginning to the end. Thank you mentors, thanks to Alessandra from Italy, Alfredo from Mexico, Laura from UK, Rafael from Colombia, Nabeel from India, Tristan from Germany, Alvaro from Spain, Dario from Italy, Victoria from Uruguay, Juan Diego from Ecuador and Daniel from Colombia.

We hope then that we can keep enabling this kind of spaces, along with the valuable support of the UITP, under the visionary leadership of Mohamed, the president of Y4PT, who is proving to us now that no matter what leadership position is holding, he finds the way to listen to everyone for having a say.

That’s all what I wanted to say.

Thank you so much to all and good luck for the new chapter we just started!

See you soon in Australia 2021.




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i Stay Home Covid 19 Corona… by Transport on Scribd

So there, we, all Humans of this Century, we are living History now: Live.
We are living something that will be remembered in our future School books.
It is not a Fiction Movie, is not a Netflix series, it is happening, NOW.
It is something that is taking us by surprise, like the Pompeiians when they have been hit by the Vesuvius’s eruption.
Natural and artificial catastrophes very many often they do not let us react at a normal pace. They just strike.
And when they start, they hit hard. Sometimes for just minutes like Earthquakes; or hours, like hurricanes, or days, like storms, depending on season and geography. Same has been going on for Epidemics and Pandemics in History of Humankind. Now we are hit by this new Virus. An unknown one.
In the past, the only thing that has being saving Animals and Living Beings on this Planet, from the immediacy of those events has been especially their capacity of response and reaction, their ability to adapt and to adapt fast, and for Humans, to have a vision on the long run, to be brave enough for hard decisions in a very short amount of time.
Like the ancient Ships and Vessels’ Captains, like the ancient Warlords, like the Leaders of all communities and ancient population, Egyptians, Romans, Mesopotamians, Aztecs and Maya to name a few. And particularly, like the Heroes of any time.
This abilities to adapt, unfortunately is reduced in each community, when a state of wellbeing is reached.
Our Human Western Societies, Democracies, they have reached a level of recklessness that is impeding the ability of a fast reaction. Bureaucracy, complexity, high economic interests are making all our western leaders blind and almighty.
Alike, and for the same reasons a huge number of other country in the world, if not a Dictatorship fast as the Chinese one, will lose precious moments of TIME, to react in moments of calamities.
We are experiencing another historical course and appeal ( remember Giambattista Vico, an Italian political philosopher and rhetorician, historian and jurist, of the Age of Enlightenment… ).
And here we go again, in the History of catastrophic events.
As a first, we are experiencing our Leaders’ disorganization, separation in taking decisions, internal fights. Then, we are witnessing the indifference of the population, used to depend on leaders, or used not to follow leaders and science advices. (sounds familiar, the cicada and the ant?)
Then all of a sudden, as a population, we see that nobody else from the external world is able to protect us, and we start panicking. A few are able to reorganize themselves, the wiser ones. The unconcerned and blind, will continue their run, as sheep in a herd, their obvious usual and unchangeable life.
The real problem is, that during these phases of History, there are loss. Loss of many lives. Loss of stories of people. Of families broken and divided. Of smiles, of human abilities and creativities. Of feelings. Of realities. They are not numbers, they are persons.
So NOW, is here to you:
you can have a direct, fundamental strong and unprecedented impact
Each thoughtless move, each action you will undertake from now on will make History with the big H; will make the numbers rise low, or rise high. Is on you. On us. On each of US.
More than ever, you and we all, can mark and transform the territory where you are playing. Leave an indelible mark.
The butterfly effect, TODAY AND WHEREVER YOU ARE, will have an extraordinary impact, making a real difference between life and death. During this enormous challenge we are living which is uniting for the good and the bad, all human beings on this Planet.
So I’m asking you,
Are you willing to take the Leadership of your life and the one of many others?
Are you willing to start protect yourself, your family and the people around you?
Then you have to wash your face with cold water and wake up.
Each of you in any country of the world can make a huge difference in saving its family, friends, neighbours, elderly, youth, disable people, people at risk, strangers.
Each of you can generate a cascade effect, from here to Australia, from Canada to Japan and Patagonia until the last remote island of the Pacific.
For this reason, #stayathome before them even tell you. Do not await the obligation. Be responsible. Be respectful. Be a Hero.
Be a worldwide hero, viruses they do not care If you are white, yellow, black or purple, if you are thin or fat, small or tall, gay, bisexual, straight or rich or poor, Orthodox, Christian or Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist. It only look at you as a complex amount of cell that it can get in.
And basically, this is what we are.
This is a big lesson to learn and do not forget. We are not supernatural. We are part of Nature. And as such, no Structure, no Tinsel, no City, no Government, no Politic, no Religion can protect us.
Just humbleness and science recognition.

What a virus is:

A virus is an infectious agent that can only replicate within a host organism. Viruses can infect a variety of living organisms, including bacteria, plants, and animals. Viruses are so small that a microscope is necessary to visualize them, and they have a very simple structure.
Viruses can only exert influence by invading a cell, because they’re not cellular structures. They lack the ability to replicate on their own, so viruses are merely tiny packets of DNA or RNA genes enfolded in a protein coating, on the hunt for a cell they can dominate.
A virus lodged in a cell replicates and reproduces as much as possible; with each new replication, the host cell produces more viral material than it does normal genetic material. Left unchecked, the virus will cause the death of the host cell. Viruses will also spread to nearby cells and begin the process again.
The human body does have some natural defenses against a virus. A cell can initiate RNA interference when it detects viral infection, which works by decreasing the influence of the virus’s genetic material in relation to the cell’s usual material. The immune system also kicks into gear when it identifies a virus by producing antibodies that bind to the virus and render it unable to replicate. The immune system also releases T-cells, which work to kill the virus. Antibiotics have no effect on viruses, though vaccinations will provide immunity.
Unfortunately for humans, some viral infections outpace the immune system. Viruses can evolve much more quickly than the immune system can, which gives them a leg up in uninterrupted reproduction.


We have always believed in new Sustainable Times

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We have shout from the rooftop since years, so much before our actual Times, where topics like listening to young people, professing gender equality, return to empathy are in the headlines; we started before, many years ago,because we always believed it, because it is inside us. 

Today, many more people are sharing and embracing our initiative after we were foregoers.

This is precisely what gives us the greatest satisfaction, which makes the big difference: we have always believed in new Sustainable Times, in deep, beyond the superficial narrative of our Century.

This is our strength, our truth. We were a handful of human beings in 2005 and we are steadily expanding. We “live and reproduce” ourselves because we truly believe and people feel it. We have created something durable, which goes beyond fashions, moments, which goes beyond physical space. 

And the Youth traveling, physically encountering, since years, is the living proof; so vigorous and vibrant.

Isn’t that what counts? When you leave your mobile, your tablet, your computer and meet real people truly dear to you generating real memories?

Yes, sometimes maybe you still look inside that screen to find answers to your life… but then you always come out disappointed and drained. Instead, when you physically meet someone you look at real eyes, real smiles, gestures. You listen to the words, the tone of the voices saying their truths and finally you generate a  dialogue, confront yourself, putting attention in the way of exposing your ideas and you… talk!

The human brain is structured like this: to grow by comparing, listening, evaluating, reflecting, taking care to find memories in its meanders; the right ones that can interconnect with other memories and form a new idea.

If you meet people,your ruminant brain subsides, blow over and you become fully yourself again. 

Instead, the screens take away all this from us, making us unable to reflect, to adapt, to save ourselves, to be aware, to think, and to concentrate; we are giving others control of our own lives, we’re becoming Zombies. We all know Zombies from the most popular American thriller movies but the term Zombie came from the Antilles, where Priests with selfish purposes, called Bokor, according to some popular beliefs, would have been able to restore the life of a corpse; the body magically brought back to a form of life, totally passive, would then be succumbed to the will of the resuscitating magician…

Is this what you want for your life? 

Fortunately, today many people are awakening.

They are re-evaluating many values ​​related to solidarity, acceptance, sharing… and many movements of young people reunite only and solely to take the streets peacefully: an evidence of an important desire for change against the often ridiculous, screaming voices of politics and “influencers” which no longer have inhibitory brakes, culture and education and impose themselves vulgarly.

Awakening must come from us, we are the ones who must re-educate the world and re-educate ourselves. Starting bottom up we must act to shake up these countries, these governments. these institutions that have lost their bearings and are navigating on sight. 

We don’t want to form new political movements, new currents, but we want to bring the theme of education back to the non-formal on the other side of the scale: to transform these model of modern societies where everything must be white or black, where the nuances which are making us unique are daily erased by the willing to pigeonholing us in a political party, in a group, in a colour, in a gender.

I would like to stimulate you to think that our attention should be refocused on the deeper values that doze in you,the ones that you still all possess in the bottom of your soul. 

To evaluate and reflect on who offers us something, what they propose to us and why they propose it to us. 

And stimulate you not to stop at the offered candy, but to go beyond, to look beyond the offer. 

Clearly I know that  I am inviting you to a longer and more difficult path, but this will be a path of guaranteed inner satisfaction, to find that sense of joy and fullness in reaching something that we no longer possess.

In Europe, the ones who were  born without knowing the war or after war, are used to live in a world where satisfactions are cheap and tend to reach and imitate models of the past not even known by their generation.

They try to replicate the American dream of the past; but the American dream of today has only left a coated atmosphere that permits a superficial day dreaming . It is not any more the same of the past: today is a run to achieve and accumulate money, fame, success and power through shortcuts,  to mimic the powerful of the world, be they Stars, Politicians or Models, through their parodies, named Influencers, YouTubers and Celebrities. 

Parodies which no longer even have nowhere in sight the political, cultural depth or the refinement of the many known in the past: instead, they possess a DNA and  communication “agencies” , with the ability to know how to stay at the top, pretending to give to others, guaranteeing everyone a constant happiness by proposing to eliminate obstacles to material satisfaction. 

The astuteness of production is using us, human beings of today, because of our limitless will of self-celebration. Playing along with us, making us believe to be free exactly when we are living on our living flesh the most totalitarian form of power of the whole human history.

And so we become barbarians: possessing a lot of materials goods and having an empty brain; barbarisation is a sign of decadence. 

But this doesn’t matter to the new political and economical rulers of the world.Accumulating as long as they are alive is their goal, 20/30 years, then problems will fall on someone else. 

The solutions can come only finding your true self within yourself

Transform yourselves, therefore, be “ingenuous”: free men in the Roman world were called “ingenuous”(the legal and social condition of those who were born free, or born from a free father). 

They were the natural, those born free, the candids, the ones  with an incorrupt spirit from the world; but today the word is misinterpreted,  it offers the side to derogatory connotations: lack of cunning, forethought, wisdom, knowledge, experience.

But how can simple purity defend itself easily from the numerous sirens that promise immediacy on our omnipresent screens? How can you defend yourself from the consumerist illusion that to be happy you have to buy rather than understand, enjoy rather than rejoice, grab rather than commit … only to find yourself perennially unsatisfied?

Try to put some of these tips into practice 

1) What is artificial becomes natural today; therefore privilege books and Nature

2) Prefer neighborhood shops, cooperatives, handicrafts.

3) Propagate the less is more

4) Get rich by developing your inner life

5) Look for passionate people near you, passionate about books, about stories or anything else, people  that speaks to you about their passions; listen to them, venture into their dreams, study them.

6) Live in peace, stay in the midst of nature as much as you can, do not give in to any forms of violence, we all have them…

7) Practice,  practice!! One minute a day as a first experiment and the reach two minutes and more, make these exercises regular: your brain is a muscle, nothing more, you can exercise it like all other parts of your body!

8) Stop: Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.

And you will see; it is a law, a teaching that we learn from the past: in economic decline, the condition that corresponds is a social and human development.

Give preference to the quality of relationships with yourselves and with others to the detriment of the desire to possess objects which in turn, will have you.

9)have consistency: Ideas are made to be lived. If we are not able to put them into practice, they will only serve to make our ego vibrate. We are all soaked in compromise, but our effort will be to strive for greater coherence. It is the bet of the credibility of our speeches. We change and the world will change.

10) We crave feeling supported, valued and connected: but very many often, nobody will be  out to give you high fives and lavish you in praise, either! So, the trick is, how do YOU support, value and connect with yourself. Is your attitude.Your mental strength and capacity.

These ideas are not exhaustive, it’s your soul job to complete them. There is no way to live ‘immaculate’ on Earth, but if we do not commit ourselves to striving for coherence, we will be reduced to complaining hypocritically about the consequences of our lifestyle.

Happy New Start to All! 



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Anna Movsesjan and Nina Ebel:  16years old, among our new youngest voices : we are glad the real world is not only bad news but is committed and dedicated!

These 2 young ladies are not awaiting to be old and bold to get more involved in the environmental protection and in our Y4PT Hackathons to generate a transformation.

They have clear ideas on how the world is driven and where we are heading to: their first participation to a Y4PT local Hackathon in Menden, South Westphalia, has been an incredible opportunity that gave them access to the Final Y4PT through in Stockholm, during the UITP Summit,  last June 2019.

The famous African say, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, it means you have never spent a night in a room with a mosquito”, well represent the strength and the determination of these two young girls willing to start making this difference with us and embracing the position of Ambassadors for Y4PT.

Every morning Anna and Nina they go to school knowing that every action they make has a profound impact on their community and on the planet. Nina often asks her parents to let her take the public transport system, instead of using the car, to reduce the emissions in the atmosphere. Anna is very concerned by plastic use on the planet and she has been educated by her family to reduce the plastic and garbage waste, at the point that she is now training her younger sister to do so too.

They are both extremely concerned about the fall of numbers of plants and animals, they are extremely conscious on how the loss of endangered species, is already troubling the life on the planet and, at the long term, will continue to trouble and produce nefarious effects on our human societies.

They have been impacted by the Y4PT experience and pleasantly surprised by the possibilities of belonging to a committed community where thousands of young people are thinking the same and are able to generate real transformations.

Now, they are bringing forward two important projects, and one of them has won the First Prize during the Y4PT 3rd Global Hackathon Final in Stockholm June 2019 , at the UITP Summit, the worldwide oldest and most prestigious event on Mobility around the world. www.uitp.org

Anna participated in implementing a project related on how to improve mobility in war zones where cities life is affected: where locals are still living and confronted to a lack of services and public utilities. Anna was helping Ahmad and other participants to improve the Start-up Ahmad has created in Damascus, Syria, to help its fellow concitizens.

Nina, has been generating, within a group of young people from South Africa, Colombia, Ecuador, The Netherlands and Germany, an innovative project on recuperating food waste via public transport, for biogas production.

“We are sure we can impress people and we can give life to a transformation, we need to start from bottom up to influence and provoke the decision makers to take different steps and embrace different directions“ , Anna and Nina said; “we want to reach the schools, everything starts from there, education is fundamental, creating workshops and with the help of Y4PT (www.Y4PT.org ) we know we can make it! We are just going forward and Y4PT is giving us strength! “

Y4PTis proud to have reached many young people all around the world in all these years, spreading seeds and see them growing: Anna and Nina will represent this positive voice in a “sea of unsustainability”, bringing all of us, Humans, hope.

The first pills of wisdom of Anna and Nina are here!



and follow our YouTube Channel for more youngest voices videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDeS_gINnZHgVFVMEF4SwlA

Alessandra Gorini

Head and Founder Y4PT

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Arrival: The 3rd Global Y4PT Hackathon Finale

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“Live as if you were the key to solving the transportation issues. Because in a way, we all are.” Lucía Moreno González-Páramo, UK / Spain, Civil and Structural engineer, Team Compal

Another season shifts and settles. Here in Stockholm, the summer sun is drawing what has been sown into full growth and bloom. In the centre of the city, a trolley is pushed from one raised herb garden to another, watering the tidy boxes of aromatic green in the intense light and heat. Between the conference centre and the railway station, groundspeople are carefully tending and replanting perfect flowerbeds. And here, among patches of shade from steady trees, tiny midges are happily feeding on participants of the 3rd Global Y4PT Hackathon as they exercise and meditate in the warm air.

In the framework of the 63rd UITP Global Public Transport Summit Stockholm 2019 – the world’s oldest, largest and top leading sustainable transport event – the winners of local and global Y4PT Hackathons have gathered for the finale of a third year. These young researchers, students and professionals bring together expertise and knowledge from over 40 events worldwide.

In a soft curtained room in Stockholmsmässan, a record-breaking 45 initial ideas were pitched by the young participants. Addressing healthy and sustainable mobility, and universal accessibility through local experience and global scalability, some of these ideas were brand new, while others built directly on previous successes.

“The final in Stockholm is like a dream – to work with people with the same objective. I already feel like a winner because the technology we made is now used by the government of Colombia to save lives and improve mobility.” Walter Gavez, Columbia, Engineer, Team Evital

From these 45 ideas, 12 were voted by the group for development and teams were formed around them.

“Creating collaborative community connected by a digitally enabled peer to peer bike sharing scheme. Evolving the future of bike ownership, improving accessibility and security. Helping community re-discover the human to human connection.”
Karen Diaz Cortazar, Rodrigo Galvan Castillo, Emiliano Giufrida, and remote team member Carolina.
“A wearable safety vest providing navigation assistance through haptic feedback.”
Sebastián Gonzales, Dany Rubiano, Marco van Nieuwenhoven, Richard Yantas & Juan Acostupa.
“An AI platform optimizing employee transport routes to increase well-being and productivity, while repurposing shared data to improve local transport for all.”
Francisco Robles, Daniel Freitas, Ricardo Mertens, Fausto Junqueira, Willow Chung, Angelo Soares.
“Plan, pay and travel easily anywhere. The International universal public transport pass.”
Samay Gupta, Neelanshu Singh, Alejandra Ortiz Rengel, Alejandro & Leandro Rosembaum.
“Public Transport Optimsation software design to help city planners of developing countries, to tackling congestion during major planned events.”
Tomiwa Erinosho, with remote team-members Disun Vera-Cruz & Folake Fajemirokun
“Flip the confusion, frustration and cost of airport onward travel into a memorable, sustainable and cost effective social adventure, with a simple browser app.”
Lucia Moreno Gonzalez-Paramo, Mariam Khalifeh, Jennifer Guzmán, Alex Koster, Nick Van Apeldoorn, Ignacio O’Mullony.
Eagle Eye
“Preventing accidents on train/metro tracks in urban areas, leveraging artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies.”

Elhoussine Talab, Omar Alzarooni, Humaid Almarzooqi & Andres Gavilan.
“The app that nourishes your ride! Relocating micro-mobility solutions in a smarter, tastier way.”
Mathias Kuhn, Ludovico Gandolfi, Francesco Borri, Nicolas Iannicelli & Ignacio Abonizio.
“Encouraging active transport, saving lives and avoiding collisions, Evital app gamifies transport to reward positive behavior in drivers, cyclists and  pedestrians in real time with real-world benefits.”
Walter Gálvez, Ferney Medina, Angel Tórtola & David Evans.
“Augmenting existing infrastructure with crowd-sourced and PT connected logistics, to recycle electronic waste in an efficient and ecofriendly way.”
Victoria Insua, Sofia Fonseca, Santiago Kent & Juan Pascual.
“A digital platform powered by blockchain 3.0 technology to combine reduction of plastic packaging, energy and food waste with incentivising public transport for a better lifestyle and a healthy planet.”
Phuong Hoang
“Demand-responsive service platform providing an urgently needed alternative  to the unstable and unsafe public transport dominating mobility in urban Syria.”
Ahmad Houri, Anna Movsesjan, Kai Ting & René Korte, with remote team members Karim Almur & Mahmoud Shahhoud.
“A policy model integrating public transport services and the recycling industry, to enhance social inclusion and reduce food waste using shared assets.”
Hugh Fergusson, Ali Medina, Francisco Vicuna, Juan Diego Cordero & Nina Ebel.

During the 3 days of the hack, these diverse collaborative teams, with members hailing from over 30 countries, developed each idea into a prototype and pitch, which was tested and refined throughout with international industry mentors.

“I believe that working in interdisciplinary groups, where everyone can share different ideas and visions of things, added to the cultural value of our perspectives allowed us to achieve much more interesting projects.” Alejandro Sanchez Gutirrrez, Mexico, Biomedical Engineer, Team Check

These projects were presented to a panel of international judges representing the 5 Y4PT Ring Cities –  Dubai, Manchester, Menden, Milan and Moscow – UITP and Y4PT.

Mr. Mohammed Obaid Al-Mulla; Member of the Board of Directors Roads and Transport Authority of the Emirate of Dubai (RTA Dubai), 1st Honorary Founding Member of Y4PT, Host of the 4th Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Dubai 2020
Mr. Abdulaziz Malik; Chairman of MENA CTE Steering Committee, Center for Transport Excellence, Middle East & North Africa
Mr. Marco Barra-Caracciolo;  Director of Special Projects, Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM) S.p.A.
Mr. Roman Latypov; First Deputy Head for Strategic Development and Customer Management, Moscow Metro
Mr. Rafael Cuesta; Head of Innovation, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM)
Mr. Roger Dirksmeier; CEO, ProReSus GmbH
Mr. Jan Dobbs; President, UITP
Mrs Alessandra Gorini; Co-Founder & Executive Director, Y4PT
Mr Sebastian Pernet; Co-Founder, Y4PT

“I would tell those living in the future to work across geographic, gender and racial barriers to overcome their future challenges. I will tell those living in the world today that our challenges are only surmountable through collaboration and idea sharing.” Disun Vera-Cruz, Nigeria, Remote Operations, Team Clearway

During the opening ceremony of the UITP Global Public Transport Summit Stockholm 2019, the winners of the 3rd Global Y4PT Hackathon Finale were announced and prizes presented:

3rd Prize Winners COMPAL
“Flipping the confusion, frustration and cost of airport onward travel into a memorable, sustainable and cost effective social adventure, with a simple browser app.”
Lucia Moreno Gonzalez-Paramo, Mariam Khalifeh, Jennifer Guzmán, Alex Koster, Nick Van Apeldoorn, Ignacio O’Mullony.
2nd Prize Winners BLI
“A wearable safety vest providing navigation assistance through haptic feedback.”
Sebastián Gonzales, Dany Rubiano, Marco van Nieuwenhoven, Richard Yantas & Juan Acostupa.
Grand Prize Winners TRES
“A policy model integrating public transport services and the recycling industry, to enhance social inclusion and reduce food waste using shared assets.”
Hugh Fergusson, Ali Medina, Francisco Vicuna, Juan Diego Cordero & Nina Ebel.

The winners, and all our hackathon pioneers then joined the congress, welcoming visitors and dignitaries to the room where these ideas were created, and taking to the show floor.  

The theme of the summit is “The Art of Public Transport”, and throughout we experience transport professionals wrestling with what it is to be an artist, what it is to truly create. Aesthetic inspiration quickly travels to the immediacy and power of making things happen. To the awareness of detail, and to lasting human impact.

This is the core of Y4PT Hackathon.

As we return to a breath in the green space, we are as aware of the midges as we are of the trees. I am reminded of a saying I read on a whiteboard at Tower Hill Tube station, London: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito”. I look it up – it is an African proverb. Told, but not credited, like so much of our shared knowledge.

Look again at the names and faces here – follow them as they recur. They are creating the future of our mobility, of the ways we navigate our world. Now they are hackers, here to challenge and create. Here to buzz in your ear and make you notice what you previously had not. Tomorrow they will be beside you, and you will follow where they lead. Don’t wait, invite this now.

“Humanity and community will always remain. Working together as one knowing that together you get farther. Don’t forget that you are not the only one.” Alejandra Ortiz Rengel, Ecuador. Designer Team Check

It is not perfection and completion that keeps us going, but other lives and ways of being – and these may not sit comfortably with what we currently choose to recognise as our own. A tiny itch of a bite in the summer sun spurs me to move, and I realise I had sat too long on one position. My body is glad of the change.

Being part of something greater than ourselves is not always easy, smooth or convenient, but it is in these times that we learn truly what our actions are capable of transforming.

– Laura Trevail; Stockholm & Southend On Sea, June 2019

3rd Global Y4PT Hackathon Mentors
Tristan Helmstaedt; Process Engineer, Presenter and sports enthusiast.
Rafael Cuesta; Head of Innovation, TfGM.
Daniel Perez; Civil Engineer, Advisor at Columbia Ministry of Transport.
Sam Li; Innovation Officer, TfGM.
Boris Galvis; Environmental Scientist, Air Pollution specialist.
Alfredo Barba; Graphic Designer, Professional Hiker.
Alessandra Gorini; Y4PT Co-Founder & Executive Director, Biologist.
Sebastian Pernet; Y4PT Co-Founder, Economist.
Nabeel Faraz; Y4PT – Marketing Professional
Geert de Leeuw; Consultant mobility transition XTNexperts in traffic, Transport Co-ordinator Breda University.
Dario Gorini; Movie Director, Creative Storywriter.
Laura Trevail; Artist & Context Strategist.
Alvaro Gomez; Photographer & Filmmaker.
Yasmina Ravyse; Instructor Wellbeing, Pilates, Yoga, Bodybalance
Raluca Ciungu; Guest Mentor, Ferrovial.
Seb Corby; Guest Mentor, Amey.
Pia Lund Rössler, Bert Marcelis, & Håan östlund; Guest Mentors, Trafiklab.