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So there, we, all Humans of this Century, we are living History now: Live.
We are living something that will be remembered in our future School books.
It is not a Fiction Movie, is not a Netflix series, it is happening, NOW.
It is something that is taking us by surprise, like the Pompeiians when they have been hit by the Vesuvius’s eruption.
Natural and artificial catastrophes very many often they do not let us react at a normal pace. They just strike.
And when they start, they hit hard. Sometimes for just minutes like Earthquakes; or hours, like hurricanes, or days, like storms, depending on season and geography. Same has been going on for Epidemics and Pandemics in History of Humankind. Now we are hit by this new Virus. An unknown one.
In the past, the only thing that has being saving Animals and Living Beings on this Planet, from the immediacy of those events has been especially their capacity of response and reaction, their ability to adapt and to adapt fast, and for Humans, to have a vision on the long run, to be brave enough for hard decisions in a very short amount of time.
Like the ancient Ships and Vessels’ Captains, like the ancient Warlords, like the Leaders of all communities and ancient population, Egyptians, Romans, Mesopotamians, Aztecs and Maya to name a few. And particularly, like the Heroes of any time.
This abilities to adapt, unfortunately is reduced in each community, when a state of wellbeing is reached.
Our Human Western Societies, Democracies, they have reached a level of recklessness that is impeding the ability of a fast reaction. Bureaucracy, complexity, high economic interests are making all our western leaders blind and almighty.
Alike, and for the same reasons a huge number of other country in the world, if not a Dictatorship fast as the Chinese one, will lose precious moments of TIME, to react in moments of calamities.
We are experiencing another historical course and appeal ( remember Giambattista Vico, an Italian political philosopher and rhetorician, historian and jurist, of the Age of Enlightenment… ).
And here we go again, in the History of catastrophic events.
As a first, we are experiencing our Leaders’ disorganization, separation in taking decisions, internal fights. Then, we are witnessing the indifference of the population, used to depend on leaders, or used not to follow leaders and science advices. (sounds familiar, the cicada and the ant?)
Then all of a sudden, as a population, we see that nobody else from the external world is able to protect us, and we start panicking. A few are able to reorganize themselves, the wiser ones. The unconcerned and blind, will continue their run, as sheep in a herd, their obvious usual and unchangeable life.
The real problem is, that during these phases of History, there are loss. Loss of many lives. Loss of stories of people. Of families broken and divided. Of smiles, of human abilities and creativities. Of feelings. Of realities. They are not numbers, they are persons.
So NOW, is here to you:
you can have a direct, fundamental strong and unprecedented impact
Each thoughtless move, each action you will undertake from now on will make History with the big H; will make the numbers rise low, or rise high. Is on you. On us. On each of US.
More than ever, you and we all, can mark and transform the territory where you are playing. Leave an indelible mark.
The butterfly effect, TODAY AND WHEREVER YOU ARE, will have an extraordinary impact, making a real difference between life and death. During this enormous challenge we are living which is uniting for the good and the bad, all human beings on this Planet.
So I’m asking you,
Are you willing to take the Leadership of your life and the one of many others?
Are you willing to start protect yourself, your family and the people around you?
Then you have to wash your face with cold water and wake up.
Each of you in any country of the world can make a huge difference in saving its family, friends, neighbours, elderly, youth, disable people, people at risk, strangers.
Each of you can generate a cascade effect, from here to Australia, from Canada to Japan and Patagonia until the last remote island of the Pacific.
For this reason, #stayathome before them even tell you. Do not await the obligation. Be responsible. Be respectful. Be a Hero.
Be a worldwide hero, viruses they do not care If you are white, yellow, black or purple, if you are thin or fat, small or tall, gay, bisexual, straight or rich or poor, Orthodox, Christian or Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist. It only look at you as a complex amount of cell that it can get in.
And basically, this is what we are.
This is a big lesson to learn and do not forget. We are not supernatural. We are part of Nature. And as such, no Structure, no Tinsel, no City, no Government, no Politic, no Religion can protect us.
Just humbleness and science recognition.

What a virus is:

A virus is an infectious agent that can only replicate within a host organism. Viruses can infect a variety of living organisms, including bacteria, plants, and animals. Viruses are so small that a microscope is necessary to visualize them, and they have a very simple structure.
Viruses can only exert influence by invading a cell, because they’re not cellular structures. They lack the ability to replicate on their own, so viruses are merely tiny packets of DNA or RNA genes enfolded in a protein coating, on the hunt for a cell they can dominate.
A virus lodged in a cell replicates and reproduces as much as possible; with each new replication, the host cell produces more viral material than it does normal genetic material. Left unchecked, the virus will cause the death of the host cell. Viruses will also spread to nearby cells and begin the process again.
The human body does have some natural defenses against a virus. A cell can initiate RNA interference when it detects viral infection, which works by decreasing the influence of the virus’s genetic material in relation to the cell’s usual material. The immune system also kicks into gear when it identifies a virus by producing antibodies that bind to the virus and render it unable to replicate. The immune system also releases T-cells, which work to kill the virus. Antibiotics have no effect on viruses, though vaccinations will provide immunity.
Unfortunately for humans, some viral infections outpace the immune system. Viruses can evolve much more quickly than the immune system can, which gives them a leg up in uninterrupted reproduction.