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We have always believed in new Sustainable Times

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We have shout from the rooftop since years, so much before our actual Times, where topics like listening to young people, professing gender equality, return to empathy are in the headlines; we started before, many years ago,because we always believed it, because it is inside us. 

Today, many more people are sharing and embracing our initiative after we were foregoers.

This is precisely what gives us the greatest satisfaction, which makes the big difference: we have always believed in new Sustainable Times, in deep, beyond the superficial narrative of our Century.

This is our strength, our truth. We were a handful of human beings in 2005 and we are steadily expanding. We “live and reproduce” ourselves because we truly believe and people feel it. We have created something durable, which goes beyond fashions, moments, which goes beyond physical space. 

And the Youth traveling, physically encountering, since years, is the living proof; so vigorous and vibrant.

Isn’t that what counts? When you leave your mobile, your tablet, your computer and meet real people truly dear to you generating real memories?

Yes, sometimes maybe you still look inside that screen to find answers to your life… but then you always come out disappointed and drained. Instead, when you physically meet someone you look at real eyes, real smiles, gestures. You listen to the words, the tone of the voices saying their truths and finally you generate a  dialogue, confront yourself, putting attention in the way of exposing your ideas and you… talk!

The human brain is structured like this: to grow by comparing, listening, evaluating, reflecting, taking care to find memories in its meanders; the right ones that can interconnect with other memories and form a new idea.

If you meet people,your ruminant brain subsides, blow over and you become fully yourself again. 

Instead, the screens take away all this from us, making us unable to reflect, to adapt, to save ourselves, to be aware, to think, and to concentrate; we are giving others control of our own lives, we’re becoming Zombies. We all know Zombies from the most popular American thriller movies but the term Zombie came from the Antilles, where Priests with selfish purposes, called Bokor, according to some popular beliefs, would have been able to restore the life of a corpse; the body magically brought back to a form of life, totally passive, would then be succumbed to the will of the resuscitating magician…

Is this what you want for your life? 

Fortunately, today many people are awakening.

They are re-evaluating many values ​​related to solidarity, acceptance, sharing… and many movements of young people reunite only and solely to take the streets peacefully: an evidence of an important desire for change against the often ridiculous, screaming voices of politics and “influencers” which no longer have inhibitory brakes, culture and education and impose themselves vulgarly.

Awakening must come from us, we are the ones who must re-educate the world and re-educate ourselves. Starting bottom up we must act to shake up these countries, these governments. these institutions that have lost their bearings and are navigating on sight. 

We don’t want to form new political movements, new currents, but we want to bring the theme of education back to the non-formal on the other side of the scale: to transform these model of modern societies where everything must be white or black, where the nuances which are making us unique are daily erased by the willing to pigeonholing us in a political party, in a group, in a colour, in a gender.

I would like to stimulate you to think that our attention should be refocused on the deeper values that doze in you,the ones that you still all possess in the bottom of your soul. 

To evaluate and reflect on who offers us something, what they propose to us and why they propose it to us. 

And stimulate you not to stop at the offered candy, but to go beyond, to look beyond the offer. 

Clearly I know that  I am inviting you to a longer and more difficult path, but this will be a path of guaranteed inner satisfaction, to find that sense of joy and fullness in reaching something that we no longer possess.

In Europe, the ones who were  born without knowing the war or after war, are used to live in a world where satisfactions are cheap and tend to reach and imitate models of the past not even known by their generation.

They try to replicate the American dream of the past; but the American dream of today has only left a coated atmosphere that permits a superficial day dreaming . It is not any more the same of the past: today is a run to achieve and accumulate money, fame, success and power through shortcuts,  to mimic the powerful of the world, be they Stars, Politicians or Models, through their parodies, named Influencers, YouTubers and Celebrities. 

Parodies which no longer even have nowhere in sight the political, cultural depth or the refinement of the many known in the past: instead, they possess a DNA and  communication “agencies” , with the ability to know how to stay at the top, pretending to give to others, guaranteeing everyone a constant happiness by proposing to eliminate obstacles to material satisfaction. 

The astuteness of production is using us, human beings of today, because of our limitless will of self-celebration. Playing along with us, making us believe to be free exactly when we are living on our living flesh the most totalitarian form of power of the whole human history.

And so we become barbarians: possessing a lot of materials goods and having an empty brain; barbarisation is a sign of decadence. 

But this doesn’t matter to the new political and economical rulers of the world.Accumulating as long as they are alive is their goal, 20/30 years, then problems will fall on someone else. 

The solutions can come only finding your true self within yourself

Transform yourselves, therefore, be “ingenuous”: free men in the Roman world were called “ingenuous”(the legal and social condition of those who were born free, or born from a free father). 

They were the natural, those born free, the candids, the ones  with an incorrupt spirit from the world; but today the word is misinterpreted,  it offers the side to derogatory connotations: lack of cunning, forethought, wisdom, knowledge, experience.

But how can simple purity defend itself easily from the numerous sirens that promise immediacy on our omnipresent screens? How can you defend yourself from the consumerist illusion that to be happy you have to buy rather than understand, enjoy rather than rejoice, grab rather than commit … only to find yourself perennially unsatisfied?

Try to put some of these tips into practice 

1) What is artificial becomes natural today; therefore privilege books and Nature

2) Prefer neighborhood shops, cooperatives, handicrafts.

3) Propagate the less is more

4) Get rich by developing your inner life

5) Look for passionate people near you, passionate about books, about stories or anything else, people  that speaks to you about their passions; listen to them, venture into their dreams, study them.

6) Live in peace, stay in the midst of nature as much as you can, do not give in to any forms of violence, we all have them…

7) Practice,  practice!! One minute a day as a first experiment and the reach two minutes and more, make these exercises regular: your brain is a muscle, nothing more, you can exercise it like all other parts of your body!

8) Stop: Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.

And you will see; it is a law, a teaching that we learn from the past: in economic decline, the condition that corresponds is a social and human development.

Give preference to the quality of relationships with yourselves and with others to the detriment of the desire to possess objects which in turn, will have you.

9)have consistency: Ideas are made to be lived. If we are not able to put them into practice, they will only serve to make our ego vibrate. We are all soaked in compromise, but our effort will be to strive for greater coherence. It is the bet of the credibility of our speeches. We change and the world will change.

10) We crave feeling supported, valued and connected: but very many often, nobody will be  out to give you high fives and lavish you in praise, either! So, the trick is, how do YOU support, value and connect with yourself. Is your attitude.Your mental strength and capacity.

These ideas are not exhaustive, it’s your soul job to complete them. There is no way to live ‘immaculate’ on Earth, but if we do not commit ourselves to striving for coherence, we will be reduced to complaining hypocritically about the consequences of our lifestyle.

Happy New Start to All! 



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Anna Movsesjan and Nina Ebel:  16years old, among our new youngest voices : we are glad the real world is not only bad news but is committed and dedicated!

These 2 young ladies are not awaiting to be old and bold to get more involved in the environmental protection and in our Y4PT Hackathons to generate a transformation.

They have clear ideas on how the world is driven and where we are heading to: their first participation to a Y4PT local Hackathon in Menden, South Westphalia, has been an incredible opportunity that gave them access to the Final Y4PT through in Stockholm, during the UITP Summit,  last June 2019.

The famous African say, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, it means you have never spent a night in a room with a mosquito”, well represent the strength and the determination of these two young girls willing to start making this difference with us and embracing the position of Ambassadors for Y4PT.

Every morning Anna and Nina they go to school knowing that every action they make has a profound impact on their community and on the planet. Nina often asks her parents to let her take the public transport system, instead of using the car, to reduce the emissions in the atmosphere. Anna is very concerned by plastic use on the planet and she has been educated by her family to reduce the plastic and garbage waste, at the point that she is now training her younger sister to do so too.

They are both extremely concerned about the fall of numbers of plants and animals, they are extremely conscious on how the loss of endangered species, is already troubling the life on the planet and, at the long term, will continue to trouble and produce nefarious effects on our human societies.

They have been impacted by the Y4PT experience and pleasantly surprised by the possibilities of belonging to a committed community where thousands of young people are thinking the same and are able to generate real transformations.

Now, they are bringing forward two important projects, and one of them has won the First Prize during the Y4PT 3rd Global Hackathon Final in Stockholm June 2019 , at the UITP Summit, the worldwide oldest and most prestigious event on Mobility around the world.

Anna participated in implementing a project related on how to improve mobility in war zones where cities life is affected: where locals are still living and confronted to a lack of services and public utilities. Anna was helping Ahmad and other participants to improve the Start-up Ahmad has created in Damascus, Syria, to help its fellow concitizens.

Nina, has been generating, within a group of young people from South Africa, Colombia, Ecuador, The Netherlands and Germany, an innovative project on recuperating food waste via public transport, for biogas production.

“We are sure we can impress people and we can give life to a transformation, we need to start from bottom up to influence and provoke the decision makers to take different steps and embrace different directions“ , Anna and Nina said; “we want to reach the schools, everything starts from there, education is fundamental, creating workshops and with the help of Y4PT ( ) we know we can make it! We are just going forward and Y4PT is giving us strength! “

Y4PTis proud to have reached many young people all around the world in all these years, spreading seeds and see them growing: Anna and Nina will represent this positive voice in a “sea of unsustainability”, bringing all of us, Humans, hope.

The first pills of wisdom of Anna and Nina are here!

and follow our YouTube Channel for more youngest voices videos!

Alessandra Gorini

Head and Founder Y4PT

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Your life and actions, an inspiration for many

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Happy  happy holidays everybody!

One of the best part of the holiday period is spending time with the special people in your life.

Whatever keep us in touch with each other, is stronger and powerful than what keeps us apart.

We are social animals, we are human beings, and it is inherent to our species to be together. Nowadays, because of the excess use of technologies, we neglect being together and we prefer to find our affirmation in selfish behaviours and devices, where we feel we can deny our being humans.

And this is not only valid for young people but applies to all of us.

We are living in a period of time were everything is volatile, uncertain, complex ambiguous and fast.

I’m not asking you deny the future this will not be possible and even envisioned. We are going into this future, we are already different and we cannot give up on our tools.

Instead, I’m asking you to dedicate a part of your time to look inside of you and use your devices wisely. Reflect:

This is a society that has confused the purpose, ECONOMY, with the MEAN, human beings.

Scientifically proven, if any proof is needed, through consumerism and excessive use of devices and apps, this society is bringing the rise of depression and solitude pathologies, leading to different form of madness, separatism and fanaticism.

Nowadays we experience a form of “intellectual terrorism”, the one of a unique thought, the one of globalisation, often exerted and practiced on our individual souls.

One of the most trivial example, the Airports lounges all over the world which are presenting us with the same brands and items no matter where we go. Or Google itself, which is showing you the most common results the world is aware of, when you are searching on its engine. Tell me, did you ever scrolled down more than 2 pages of search results?


We should then all act to bring back reflection, pauses and Humanity in our lives, in our work,  in our organisations, in the world.

Obviously, THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL WORDS BUT they will not change and bring back humanity just in saying them…

So what are the steps we should all be going through to get back our abilities to reflect and being reflective humans how to bring back humanity?

First of all I think we have to work on ourselves and start learning again to reflect

We have to start to do something concrete to make it happen.

What is Reflection? Something that reflects comes back to you. If you look in a mirror, you will see your reflected image. If you reflect on your past experiences, you look at them once again thoughtfully.

But if you are not used to reflect, you have to learn how to do it: so, what do you need to make it happen? You need FIRST OF ALL, your will.

The main thing is to stop for a few minutes each day and look back at your life

Think about

  • Memorableexperiences, or encounters—what stood out in your mind, or how you felt about an experience. Is there something you can use in the future?
  • Challengingissues that came up and whether you dealt with them, or are still trying to figure them out.
  • Successand achievements that may go unnoticed if you don’t write them down.

Spend  30 seconds after an experience, to write down what stood out for you. Your mind can be,  surprisely, the best tool you have.

Another fundamental  subject and the key to happiness is real communication

A supportive comment or chat  on our Social Media is much more valuable than a one-click-feedback in the shape of a like.

But more than that, I suggest you to go out, walk, cycle, meet, and share, tell a story to your friends, and learn to ask questions.

Generate true connection to the people you care about. Mere likes alone won’t make us happy. And least of all during depressive periods.

READ, get lost in a good book. Time and again reading has been shown to make us healthier, smarter and more emphatic.

Why the Youth is not reading anymore? Mostly, because we are too fast and we are not able to have a span of attention. Nowadays our span of attention is lower than the one of a goldfish, one second less.

Flipping real pages can help you understand what you’re reading instead of just scrolling on your devices

Reading puts your brain to work, and that’s a very good thing. Those who engage their brains through activities such as reading, chess, or puzzles could be 2.5 less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who spend their down time on less stimulating activities.

“It really doesn’t matter what book you read, but be sure,  by losing yourself in a good book you can escape from the worries and stresses of the everyday world , exercise your fantasy and generate connections among the 2 hemispheres of your brain . These are the words of  the cognitive neuropsychologist David Lewis​

Scanning headlines and retweeting quips is easier and instantly rewarding releasing dopamine but is not going to make much cognitive difference. If anything, such sweet nothings are dangerous, the literary equivalent of sugar addiction. Information gathering in under 140 characters is lazy. The benefits of contemplation through narrative offer another story.

Research showsthat trough reading you make smarter decisions about yourself and those around you.


do not delegate to machines because of laziness,

do not forget in your daily life, that machines are a Program: and the programs are useful for the Projects.

You are the Projects.

Make your life be the best project. Ever. Make this gift of life, meaningful for the whole world (not only for Humans but for the entire environment and for the planet).

Our lives are a never-ending quest to share our best work with the rest of the world. You are responsible for that change. You need to define yourself, plan your change, and make it happen.

Be an optimist. And make an impact in your own small way possible.

Start Reading and start writing. Love, love people, animals, things, and then help others to love. Do something good and ask others to pass it on. Be profound. Find focus in a world without it.

Become minimalist in a world of complexity. Reach out to those who are frustrated, depressed, angry, confused, sad, hurt. Be the voice for those without one. Learn, do, and then teach. Teach people to get passionate about something.

Dare to be wrong. Help others achieve their dreams. Put a smile on someone’s face, every day. Start an open-source project. Make a podcast. Start a movement. Be brave. Be honest. Be hilarious. Get really, really good at something. Practice a lot. A lot. Start now. Try.

If you’re willing to take the risk of sharing yourself and your ideas with the world, you can create value you will be proud of.

Do not care about judgements and people against you. History is the witness that mass movements were always lowering, depressing and flattening the different ones.

Our world needs the best project you can be

Our world needs Models for the Youth but also for the adults

Our world needs the best project you can be

The word MODEL comes from Latin, MODULUS, which means Measure.

When you have a Model it means that you have a measure to make, to understand the difference between your measure and the other measures.

Now, a Model have not to be a teacher but have to be people incarnating LIFE.

Try to live as a model, thinking that everybody is looking at you, to look as exactly the same, to act in the same way, speak the same.

The difference, among you all, will be between the ones that will like to give it a try, and the ones that will say this is not for me.

Stay open, critic, sceptic, vigilant on all matters, particularly science and politics.

So, read the mysteries,

Do not stop at the obvious

Strive your ability to associate one idea with another

by reading books

In a massified world full of superficial information,

piece together like in a puzzle

Revolutionize your believes, attitudes and values

Challenge yourself constantly

Go beyond the Media, they have a will to cover all and keep you depressed trough bad news and superficial ones

Remember that nature function on cooperation not on competition, so each day try to exert your power to bring back connections among humans, their ideas and their values.

Many of you are part of our network Y4PT and you have dedicated many years of your lives to better your communities, friends, family lives and entire cities , and have gone a long way internationally to bring a different lifestyle to the doors of decision makers and actors of your daily lives.

Please, continue to act as the wonderful models you are, the world deserve your presence and earn an immense value. Continue not to listen to the call of mermaids out there and proceed on your beautiful enlightened path that are your lives.

The dots you are connecting will bring this world a step forward towards a more interesting, unflatten, cultured new generation.

Again, with all my love, happy holidays to all!



Some beautiful readings, videos and apps, yes apps, but clever ones!


Alessandro D’Avenia here is a short biography



Video  English subtitles – A MUST SEE

Alessandro Baricco

“ The Game “

here is short biography

Silicon Valley and the time spent from kids on screens


Bernard Georges:

on Empathy

Margaret Burden:

Book   “AI its nature and future “ ( 2016)

Max Tegmark


Some apps to keep you intellectually alive!

Duolingo: A game that teaches you languages. It is the perfect thing to do when you’re bored and on your phone. While everyone else is scrolling Instagram and melting their brain, you are learning a second language.

ProgrammingHub: ProgrammingHub is similar to Duolingo, except instead of being a game that teaches you a second language, it teaches you code.

VocabularyBuilder: VocabularyBuilder by Magoosh is ostensibly a study app for the GRE, but I’ve found it to be a great way to expand my English vocabulary for fun.

Magnus Trainer: A game that teaches you chess. It breaks down chess into component parts and has mini-games to help you master various aspects of chess. Switching out toxic apps for Magnus will give you the skills you need to slay at board game night. Plus, being good at chess makes you feel really smart.

Elevate: Elevate is an app with mini-games to sharpen your brain. Unlike Luminosity or other ‘brain game’ apps, Elevate’s mini-games teach you real-world skills. Mental math, vocabulary and reading comprehension can all go up!

Brilliant: Unfortunately very pricey at $119/year, Brilliant is an app that teaches you mathematics and science. If you are not a nerd, this is perfect for you: it makes these topics which seemed so unapproachable in high school suddenly fun to learn, and in bite-sized pieces too.


NutriEnergy: any form of mobility needs water

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Your body contains about 60 % of water on average.

Drinking water prior to walking or any form of exercise will assist in keeping your body hydrated. Dehydration is not beneficial and may lead to issues such as cramps, feelings of nausea and fatigue, and potential injury. So be sure to drink and drink often.

As your heart rate increases, you will begin to sweat. This starts the process of dehydrating your body.

Also, different conditions affect the rate that you sweat. Weather conditions, what you are wearing for clothing, the pace and incline all affect the rate that you dehydrate.

Hydration is important for your muscles and all of your other bodily functions. Dehydrated muscles can cause muscle cramping and major discomfort besides other more important problems like serious illness or death.

Consequences of dehydration
Even light dehydration will have significant impacts on how the body works and physical performance.

Consequences on the human body
Most common disorders : digestive disorders during effort, muscle « accidents », cramps, weakened immune system.

Consequences on physical performance
The performance reduction is proportional to the level of dehydration. The more intense the exercising, the more you will sweat, yet the magnitude of the dehydration is not proportional to the duration of the exercising. You should drink even if the exercising is short.

1% dehydration = loss of about 10% of performance

2% dehydration = loss of about 15 to 20% of performance

For a person weighing 65 kg, 2% dehydration only represents a loss of 1.3 l of water !

What to drink ?
The drink has to act quickly and efficiently. It will mainly depend on the speed of the gastric emptying (the time it takes the liquid to move from the stomach to the intestines) as well as on intestinal absorption. A lot of factors impact that speed

So drinking water before you walk, during your walk and after your walk is extremely important to how your body systems all function together.

“I  drink water all day long. And that is all that I drink. I don’t drink coffee. It is dehydrating and a stimulant.”

Alessandra Gorini – Founder and Director  Y4PT

And what else is better at increasing your water levels than H2O itself.  If you do not like plain water, just add some cut fruits to your water and leave it in the fridge for some hours, so that your water will be flavory!

Make sure you drink, drink and drink some more.

A minimum of 500 ml per hour of effort is recommended. Frequency and amounts should of course be adjusted based on the type of effort and hydric losses.

Osmolarity (the concentration of a solution expressed as the total number of solute particles per litre)
Gastric emptying is slowed down, with some high energy value liquids. A « hypertonic » liquid, such as fruit juice or a very sweet drink will increase the dehydration by inducing a water transfer from the cells to the digestive tube. Therefore it is advised to take that type of drink before and during effort. An « isotonic » drink will act faster without loading the stomach. It will leave the stomach as fast as water and will be absorbed faster in the intestine.

Isotonic drink generally contains between 4g and 8g of sugar (carbohydrates) per 100ml and has about the same osmotic pressure as bodily fluids. An isotonic drink is taken up by the body about as quickly as water. They are intended to quench thirst and provide energy to the body.

Hypertonic drinks: Hypertonic sports drinks contain a higher concentration of salt and sugar than the human body and higher levels of carbohydrate thanisotonic drinks. These are used to supplement daily carbohydrate intake normally after exercise, in order to top up muscle energy stores.

An intake of associated carbohydrates and an intake of sodium will improve the absorption of the liquid depending on its concentration and will increase energy inflows in a rapidly useable form. The mineral intake will make up for losses resulting from sweating and will help improve absorption.

Factors to be known to avoid dehydration

The higher the altitude, the dryer the air and the more dehydration will occur.

Intense and/or extensive swimming will cause rarely perceptible dehydration. It is advised to have a drink handy near the pool.

Weather conditions
At an 18°C air temperature, a marathoner loses about 1.5 litre per hour, at 28°C, he loses about 2 litres per hour

Air humidity
The more humid the air, the less sweat will evaporate. Drink more and wear ample and light coloured clothing to help sweat evaporate.

Healthy Mobility will be back soon this year 2018!! Till then have a look at:

Y4PT #HealthyMobility World Campaign


Be active – at home, at school, at play,  inside or outside with family and friends. You’ll have more energy, feel healthy and strong, and good about yourself!

  1. Every step counts. Try to do an hour every day of moderate- to vigorous-intensity activity. Choose vigorous activities at least three days a week.
  2. Get stronger by doing activities that build muscles and bones at least three days a week.
  3. Combining aerobic and strengthening activities will improve your health and well-being.


Exercise such as walking causes the metabolism to rise and body water to be lost through increased respiration and sweat. Walkers should drink a large glass of water an hour before walking, then drink about a cup of water every mile. When you finish walking, drink a glass of water.Without this extra water, your muscles will become dehydrated. Muscle movement depends on how hydrated you are, so if they are dry, they will not work as well. As a result, your workout will not be as productive as you would like, and you’re likely to be sore later on.

Alessandra Gorini, Biologist and Nutritionist – Founder and Director Y4PT 


Letter to my Youth: bringing back consciousness in a rushing world

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Dear Youth,

being with you, if only for a short while , has an immense power. The special power of freshness and enthusiasm, as well as the one of looking far into the future, in the world of the unknown.

Youth For Public Transport, despite a name being very specific,  has been created with the will of declining this acronym in many different ways : Youth For Productive Togetherness has been one of these.

When you create an organization from scratch like I did, you do not necessarily have a vision of the extent that it can take in the future, neither you visualize immediately the path you’ll undertake. But one thing was absolutely clear:

I had and have a deep will to forge young brilliant minds, to let them understand completely the power that is in their hands to change things, starting from the ones lying very close to them but also lying very far away.

And  to possibly teach and pass each and every one of them  important messages and open possibilities, giving access to  knowledge and curiosity contaminating everything with a lot of enthusiasm.

This is the real freedom I love to teach you : the freedom of choosing knowledge as the way to enrich and guide your path, whatever the path will be for you.

In all these years of Y4PT, I have seen these Societies and Cities of ours all over the continents evolving and developing as Ants Colonies, whilst development of new technologies gaining in speediness and growth. From virtual reality to tech genetic manipulations.

An exciting moment: but, as each exciting moment, it comes with its down. Much has been written and continue to be written, on this  first incredible accelerated moment in the History of Humanity.

In many, we perceive that the worst part of this new accessible world is this sort of rush  we have undertaken without knowing exactly where we are going , animated by the continuous discoveries and accelerations.

For us, poor pawns on a giant chess game, confusion, a web full of misguidance via giants like the GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft) and basic and poor randomness of information: if you do not already have culture and knowledge, it is terribly difficult to navigate through the quantity of misinformation without being catch, distracted and mislead by the new media.

Actually, I think the freedom (read power )of the web is the one to distract ourselves, not letting us focus on priorities, giving us the feeling and perception that, if we go for something which is averagely good, we are creating a  masterpiece ; instead of elevating our minds, the web keeps us busy and standard.

And no doubts many love to dominate a number of pawns growing each day a bit more exponentially in a fast way… Sugar and nice gratifications and here you are: the perfect dumb is born.

This is why many of us  just remain attached to this small section of social media life: because they find their own small world suddenly so big, nice and protective.

Often young people  focus on the web , not only because born on this Time and young, but also because is possible to quickly find spaces and little moment of glory and fun , and have it all NOW…


And you concentrate on these little big virtual worlds, where possibly there is a space to be someone and make some money, out of a terrible external competition.

All of this without learning too much of the world that is outside, of humans you could mingle and learn from.

But there is more than that, in this world: and I would love you to see this incredible beauty of diversity out of those screens, and to make a strong point let’s take books.

Yes, a book. Yes I know, it takes time to read. And may be you’ll tell me that the world is full of people that are making money in easy ways , and a lot of money…

So I’d love to drive your attention to this ( please follow me for a few more minutes, reading time, 4 min…. 🙂 )

Lately Dubai  has created a Ministry of happiness, because , although all his technology and innovation , limitless wealth and opulence,  there is something missing to reach the kind of postcard they are dreaming of .

What is missing is happiness…people are much less happier in this world of ours: the wealthier you are the less happier you are, fact.

Humanity is in search of Happiness with the big H , since the beginning of Time. Hundreds of texts has been written to make the praise and philosophising of Happiness   I cite just the one that started, Plato ( the Greek philosopher  yes , him)

Our world is more and more looking on the outside considering happiness could come from having more stuff, doing more things; but only a deep inner world  balanced with the outer world  that big achievements can be reached.

Frugality appears to us being harsh , but consumerism doesn’t satisfy us if not momentarily because human beings ‘desire, when satisfied, is leading us to desire more: and this, Facebook and all others “gratifying GAFAM”, they know it well.

The world of humans, later on all of a sudden has started running , it is splashed towards tech and consumerism in an unbridled consumer society where the words LIMIT doesn’t seems to have a sense any more. A bit like in the case of the II thermodynamic law, the world is rushing towards a complete state of disorder.

While, from one side , this limitless sensation , has brought us, at first sight  to gain a feeling of a deeper belonging to ourselves, on the long run , instead, is making ourselves losing any type of reference, knowledge and culture, be it on the field of spirituality, sexuality, alcohol, drugs,food  or any other consumerism habit. We have become more egoistic, we are trying to affirm ourselves and develop our individualistic bubbles.

But suddenly is not enough: we need people to talk with and about us (gratification)if we do not want to end up with disturbances of our minds and bodies. Humans are by nature social animals. Mostly then, what do  we do? We go on Facebook or check our Instagram accounts to see how many likes we have collected. Easy isn’it ? And absolutely gratyfing…

This is a just one examples of how the use of Tech can change our way of thinking and acting: what I also see, is that with the upcoming technology humans are refusing their place in the natural world; first we endangered species, then we destroyed and destroy nature and now we are alienating ourselves from the natural environment, refusing to be humans, searching for deity.


Sooner or later chips  will  implement our brains and will make the most out of us : the augmented species will take the place of our natural one. Who know if we will be able to find a way of survival in a “plastical” world? May be yes, it will happen. The evolution will transform our bodies at the point that we will be made of plastic ( we are ingesting already myriads of micro particles of it…)and who knows how many other materials.


While all this is happening , we should reflect on our personal individual and collective positions : are we willing to follow the mass or to take a clear engagement and position to be actors and not only spectators of our lives?

Are we trying  to become, lifetime individuals that are willing to make a difference or not? Able to stand on one side or another, not just because we will be able to survive but because we will be gratified by our REAL part of real life commingling with the world ?

Although being individualistic, we should remind ourselves that big creativities, disruptions and innovations are coming from cumulation and collaboration. Mainstreams market do not have new big ideas. Humans are structured by society to be driven in competition but in true reality, it is only through collaboration, communication and sharing that we can build up.

Closed organization are now opening to the mix of close and open, a model that is starting to be adopted and will be for sure more successful. And Companies, will be built on communities.

You can be part of this connections, or  maybe you have already decided to be part of it; we are talking about sharing , about people, about harmony with the Planet hosting us.

I’d love you to reflect with me on this absurd assumption, that a few powerful companies or individuals ,  are willing us to believe that the consumeristic and basic tech  world of today will be the only solution, the only opportunity we have, the only Verb, the unique concrete way in which we can live, in order not to be feeling isolated and banned.

This is why I’d love you could perceive that  Youth For Public Transport, “Youth For Productive Togetherness” as I like to call it sometime, should be seen like an “escape” place from the banality of this standardization of the world, a place to do something special, a place for people to develop new ideas,  a human tech structure a home for your new cohesiveness, for your days out of this global anxiety of the world.

-Till the moment in which , we will  all deeply change and face a new future. –

With love,


I wish you all for these days , reflection , happiness, health, fun and luck and see you soon in 2018!

PS: Advised reading

Homo Deus  – Prof. Yuval Noah Harari (English: September 2016. Spanish: October 2016. Portuguese: November 2016. Turkish: December 2016. Chinese: January 2017. German: February 2017. Dutch: February 2017. Croatian: May 2017,; Italian: May 2017, Bompiani. Korean: May 2017.)

Milan Kundera – La fiesta de la insignificancia ( English – Spanish – French)

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