General Coordinator of Y4PT Foundation in Latin America and the Caribbean

Bogotá, Colombia




I am enthusiastic about urban topics and working in areas of sustainable mobility. After completing my undergraduate studies as a Civil Engineering, and master’s degree in Transportation Engineering at the National University of Colombia, I started my professional career at the National University of Colombia in urban planning and transportation projects. I am the Founder of the transportation research group “SEMTyT” (Spanish: Grupo de Investigación en Movilidad, Tránsito y Transporte), and the co-founder and trustee of the Colombian Enterprise of Mobility and Engineering “ecomoving”. I am currently working as a strategic planner on transportation infrastructure projects at the General Secretariat of Mobility in Bogotá, Colombia.


Public transportation stands on the main pillar of sustainable mobility and urbanism - I see Y4PT as the right tool of adopting behavioral changes and to express a positive vision of public transportation. I am convinced that we the ‘young people’ are the “chip” required by societies in order to improve life in urban spaces.

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