Alessandra Gorini and Y4PT ‘s Founders

Alessandra Gorini – Founder 

Y4PT Foundation: 

A  Doctorate in Biological Sciences, she created within UITP  her own NGO, named Y4PT,  a worldwide Foundation promoting sustainable issues around the world, empowering the youth of the world to take action for their lives and activities, in the field of of Sustainable Mobility, Environment, Healthy and New Lifestyle.

The first and unique international group of young people committed to a new lifestyle all around the world, creating a global network of interconnected solutions on sustainability and integrated mobility.

Drawing on her past experience in teaching, science, public relations, journalism, communication and advocacy ( WWF, Greenpeace, Italian Broadcasting TV), Alessandra has become a leading proponent for the Youth of the world, and enterprises that can reach the Youth.

Innovation and Technology, Holistic vision,  Love for Nature, Sustainability, Empathy and Art are profoundly infusing her  motivational and mentoring movement and activities to produce long lasting changes in the mind and action of young people, creating worldwide Ambassadors of a new vision of life.

Alessandra is a reference in the field of coaching for the youth of the world, and she is specialized in personal development. She matured twenty years in coaching the most diverse young professionals and students all around the world, through her empathy, ability of communication and understanding.

Multilingual, she is Italian mother tongue, and speaks English  –  French   –  Spanish. She understand Portuguese and read Romanian.

She earn a  Diploma of  Modern Literature at La Sorbonne – Paris

and one on Advanced Nutrition at Natural School of Health – UK

She is passionate about Arts, Cinema and Music (violin) and natural sustainability.

An avid reader ( Science, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Narrative, Art), she Swim, Walks and practice Fitness Yoga and Meditation

She has been a Jamie Oliver Ambassador at the Food Revolution Community US –UK –Belgium and worldwide

Slow Food Movement Member, Cooking skills at professional levels (1 year at  CAMPUS C.E.R.I.A.  Professional Cooking School in Brussels, Belgium, 5 years teaching  Italian Masterchef Cuisine to promote healthy living )

Sebastián PERNET Co-Founder

Y4PT Foundation: 

“Mobility is a mean for achieving an end: This is how I also describe myself. Serving as a long-standing collaborator at Y4PT has been a unique and worthy experience for bridging opportunities for today’s young people and future generations from all over the world by advocating and envisioning all together not only an environmental-friendly mobility, but also one that treats all human beings in a horizontal way, wide-ranging and accessible to everyone.”

Sebastián PERNET is Co-Founder of the Y4PT Foundation, established in 2005 , which is nowadays the world’s leading global youth network on sustainable issues. At Y4PT he is in charge of multiple-related core technical issues such as knowledge, learning, research, development, operations management, among others. A great writer and promoter, with his undeniable actions one of the Y4PT’s flagship projects, the Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon series, was acknowledged by the European Mobility Week Secretariat (European Commission) as one of the best practices of 2017.

He also works as an international freelance professional, specifically a management consultant, by providing advice to different major stakeholders in a wide range of issues.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and took courses in transport engineering at master’s degree level.

His specialties are: Architecture, Economics, Transport Engineering, Transport, Logistics, GIS, Innovation

Alfredo Barba Co-Founder

Y4PT  Foundation:

“At the very beginning of this adventure, I thoroughly enjoyed myself being part of the public campaign to raise awareness of the importance of BRT in Mexico, where the authorities invited Y4PT to assist the promotion of the project. I  deeply believe Y4PT is  proposing a change in the world by taking little concrete steps towards a better future” 

Alfredo Barba is Y4PT’s Lead Graphic Designer. He created the actual Y4PT logo and all the graphics for each Campaign, project and event of Y4PT. Alfredo has started volunteering at the very beginning of the Y4PT adventure, and now he is one of the Co-Founders. He works as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. He obtained his bachelor degree with honors in Industrial Designing 2001 and has a diploma in Graphic Design. During his studies, he participated in an academic exchange program to Universidad del Bio-Bio in Concepción, Chile. Since his first participation in the first Youth Parliament in Guadalajara in 2007, Alfred has been proactive in creating the cohesion among all the youth willing to generate what Y4PT is actually. Alfredo was an active member, writer and contributor of “Una Ciudad Alterna”, a project aiming to be a space of opinion and reflection on various issues affecting Guadalajara, such as transit, politics, urban mobility, ecology, art, design and architecture. “Una Ciudad Alterna” was listed as a Prominent Civic Organization by Plataforma Urbana, an internationally recognized blog about urban planning in Chile. In 2009, along with María Camarena and Juan Pablo Guerrero, and for the fist time they brought the voice of Y4PT to the “Sustainable Urban Mobility in Guadalajara Workshop”, where they discussed issues and actions to be taken to promote mobility and improvement of the historic downtown of Guadalajara.

He is an engaged volunteer in Mexico, and a passionate environmentalist, climber, hiker, skier and horse rider; having the credit of creating his own outdoors travel club, IceAndSea, to bring the Youth to discover mountains and nature all over Mexico, USA, South America and Europe.