Idearium 2005-2025: Report on the 20th Anniversary of Y4PT


Coming soon …. the whole story behind of the Second Decade of Y4PT … a special one-off milestone in the lifetime of UITP and its strong long-term commitment in supporting the involvement of young people in advocating sustainable mobility.

UITP Youth Project (2005) → Y4PT (2009) → Y4PT Foundation (since 2013)
Planting, Growing, Harvesting: An example of how a project leads to a fact.

Delivery of a printable Report on the 2nd Decade of Y4PT:

It will include the Y4PT Idearium 2005-2025: 20 years planting, growing and harvesting youth-driven ideas for envisioning sustainable mobility worldwide. It will show to all UITP members a compendium of the wide range of innovative ideas that young people from all over the world have put forward after two-decade of uninterrupted activities of Y4PT (in 2005 the UITP Youth Project was created, the forerunner of Y4PT Foundation).