Y4PT Ring Project

Incubating Creative Ideas, Accelerating Innovative Ventures, Connecting Visionary Minds




  • Y4PT-UITP Foundation is the first-ever and unique global youth-led NGO gathering groups of young professionals willing to collaborate in transforming the world of urban mobility and urban lifestyle.
  • Y4PT Ring Project is willing to create and develop a synergy with all the cities, stakeholders, authorities in terms of participative youth innovation, in a circular way.
  • Y4PT Ring Project is meant to develop a continuous exchange and interaction among all participants to create extraordinary new projects and transform our urban life.
  • Y4PT Ring Project is a powerful instrument of study, innovation and research, an open and dynamic laboratory and flux of energy to experiment and create.
  • Y4PT Ring Project is an expression of the highest mankind power united in front of technology and the fast-new world developments.
  • Y4PT Ring Project reinforces the highest pure human will of belonging to a unique collaborative society.
  • Y4PT Ring Project is coherent to Y4PT’s mission and vision and will operate towards a transversal sustainability evolution with the help of youth minds.
  • Y4PT Ring Project creates scouting, innovation, research, trainings and workshops and practical implementation of projects through new technologies in the field of sustainable urban mobility and lifestyle.
  • Y4PT Ring Project permits relations with universities, research Institutes, and scientific associations.
  • Y4PT Ring Project forms a circular participation of different cities and entities, and is guided by Y4PT-UITP Foundation and the Y4PT Ring Project Innovation Pool of the first 4 city-adherents.
  • Y4PT Ring Project will develop a web.based portal and forum to induce a better participation of all participants, exchange good practices, projects and experiences, a place of shared knowledge and participation.

Next steps

  • To connect four (4) city-members of the Y4PT Ring Project Innovation Pool: Moscow (Russia),  Menden (Germany), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Milan (Italy).
  • To organize two (2) virtual or local meetings per year.
  • To schedule monthly briefing meetings (local or virtual) among the four (4) cities and Y4PT-UITP Foundation.
  • To follow up of the establishment of two (2) Centers of Transport Excellence/Transport Innovation Centers in Germany and Italy.

Further information on request!

Contact: alessandra.gorini@y4pt.org; sebastian.pernet@y4pt.org