Open letter in favour of the public transport and against the terrorism

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We live hard days, I know, media don’t speak about anything else… fear… the threat seems to be higher every day and the target are crowed places… enoclophobia… I will change my habits, I will give up the public transport and I will use the carSTOP!

Firstly, the heart: if I change my life habits, they will win.

Secondly, the reason: the probability of dying in a traffic fatality is 38 times higher that dying in a terrorist attack (in the world during 2014,32.729 killed due to terrorism and 1,24 millions due to road accidents).

And thirdly, the rest: a mobility based on the (ab)use of private vehicle has enormous externalities that we must pay: congestion, public space consumption, accidents, inequity, pollution, climate change, more injuries and deaths… and to close the loop, more oil dependence that causes terrorism and wars in an endless vicious circle.

This is our little contribution on these sad days to defend the values ​​of liberty and fraternity, by fighting for a more sustainable, healthy and peaceful world.

Record de bouchons : les attentats à Paris et son impact sur la mobilité

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Après les attentats terribles à Paris du vendredi 13 novembre il y a eu un changement dans l’élection modale des franciliens, au moins pendant les premiers jours ouvrables après le massacre.

En effet, le mardi 17 novembre après les attentats le réseau routier de la région francilienne était congestionné comme jamais : 525 kms de bouchons accumulées à 9 heures.

atascos Paris atentados

Comparativement à un mardi moyen, ce graphique permet de mesurer à quel point la journée de ce mardi est exceptionnelle. Le double qu’un jour moyen.

atasco atentados Paris 2

Le record précédente (483 kms) avait été il y a un mois, aussi un mardi, le 6 octobre 2015. Ce jour-là, les causes ont été la pluie et de nombreux accidents, plus des tendances à long terme : la chute du prix du pétrole et une certaine augmentation de l’activité économique.

Par contre, ces journées sont marquées par le changement modal du transport public au véhicule privé à cause de la peur aux éventuels attentats dans des lieux publics, particulièrement avec le souvenir des attaques dans des trains à Madrid le 11 mars 2004 où 192 personnes sont tuées.

L’état d’urgence a été instauré lors du décret 2015-1475 de 14 novembre 2015 et les contrôles aux frontières ont été renforcés à cause de la COP21 ; ces faits n’ont pas pu éviter cette psychose. Le transfert modal massif vers le véhicule privé aura des conséquences très négatives pour la durabilité de la ville. Dans ce domaine-là, la terreur a gagné aussi.

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Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM – Italy), is Y4PT’s newly acquired Honorary Founding Member

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Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM) (Milan, Italy), is Y4PT’s newly acquired Honorary Founding Member: since last year this active Company has decided to support and sustain the activities of our volunteer NGO, firstly in Milan, during the UITP World Congress and Exhibition that took place in June 2015 and now all the way through Montreal 2017, where the UITP World Transport Summit will take place.

The FNM Group: its main mission is transport

FNM is the main transport and mobility group in Lombardy. It is the largest private Italian operator in this sector. Its mission is to meet communication and mobility requirements of individuals and companies and to take up the challenge of “moving” people, goods and information. In fact, the Group has broadened and diversified the scope of its activities on other markets, including ICT, energy and sustainable mobility.

Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM) was created in 1877 to build and operate the railway lines in the Lombardy region. The railway network was developed in the North-West of Lombardy to connect the city of Milan with the towns of Novara, Varese, Laveno, Como and Erba-Asso, by expanding the existing lines and acquiring additional lines.

In May 2011, Trenitalia-LeNORD become Trenord. Joint alliance between Trenitalia and FNM Group was born in Lombardy the first and largest Italian operator specializing in regional public transport by rail.

Trenord is so, the result of an integration with FNM, with over 130 years of local presence and an entrepreneurial tradition which provided a solid economic and financial position, and the largest national operator, FS, of known technological skills and operational. This will certainly allow the new company to consolidate in Lombardy the best experiences and become an actor of reference in the European scenario.

While remaining faithful and consistent to its original mission related to the railway transport field, in the last few years, FNM has been diversifying its areas of operations. In fact, a transformation process was launched to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the liberalization of the public services sector, which is gradually developing increasing, and to expand its scope and activities on the national and international market.

Is exactly in this optic that FNM had manifested various time the will to support Y4PT, not only as a Honorary Founding Member, but also in creating new innovative initiatives and supporting the ideas of visionary young people to be applied in their field of reference:

FNM philosophy with Y4PT, is the one to “YOUTHLY move” people, assets and information thus meeting new mobility and communication requirements for individuals and businesses.

While FNM has been historically linked to the development of the rail system in Lombardy, after the liberalization of public services, it has diversified and expanded its activities on the national and on the European Market.


FNM operates the passenger transport system for the regional and metropolitan areas of Milan, the connection to the Malpensa airport, and freight transport in Italy and in Europe; moreover, it operates and develops its own railway network, as well as networks and services in the fields of energy, telecommunications and sustainable mobility.



We had a nice talk after the UITP World Congress and Exhibition – Milan 2015, with Mr. Andrea GIBELLI, actual President of FNM, with their communication officers and public relations responsible person on the future of activities to be developed thanks to FNM in the forecast of our future 2016-2017 activities.

Mr. GIBELLI, graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan, has been Secretary-General of the Council of the Lombardy Region and Director-General of the Presidency from March 2013 to May 2015, and  vice president of the Lombardy Region from 2010 to 2013. Member of Parliament 2001-2010 and 1994-1996, he was a member of the Commission for Transport and Telecommunications, the General Affairs Committee and the Industry. He was a member of the board of Cogeme Spa and FNMA Spa.

Cogeme is a holding company wholly owned by the municipality, one of the first in Italy, and operates in the field of public utilities. Thanks to the establishment of LGH, along with other public companies, Cogeme offers a competitive range of services (gas, electricity, water, telecommunications, waste), while maintaining a strong local roots.

FNMA Spa active on the market on the field of tourism-social’s private transport sector, operates using 32 rental licenses, some of which are intended to vehicles equipped to transport disabled travelers.

Y4PT is in Ireland!

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The Youth is full of creative ideas and Y4PT will confidently put all these ideas in practice for leading tomorrow’s world and revolutionize paradigms.


20150816_113009 20150815_143444 20150815_121113 20150812_150030 20150813_211148 20150814_144358


















Y4PT, the  Foundation created under the patronage of UITP,

 (International Association for Public Transport), strives to facilitate healthy sustainable cities and transport through the Youth worldwide and this time is in Sligo, during the Fleadh Cheoil Festival of Music on the Irish west coast to bring the Healthy Mobility Challenge there in collaboration with Bus Eireann (the proud sponsor of Fleadh Cheoil).


















Y4PT Ambassadors are witnessing the Bus Operations of Bus Eireann, during the biggest Music Festival of Ireland. They are undertaking their first action of “Check Up”  which is a way to be involved and give their suggestions, their new innovative vision to build a constructive dialogue with the Public Transport Operators.


Bus Eireann was formed in 1987 as a subsidiary of CIE to provide bus services throughout Ireland with the exception of Dublin City.

Córas Iompair Éireann (CIÉ) is Ireland’s national public transport provider. Over 230 million journeys are made annually on their network of national, regional​, local and urban services across Iarnród ÉireannDublin Bus and Bus Éireann.


Ireland is the place of Tradition by definition and the Music Festival Fleadh Cheoil is the proof of it:  300.000 local people are gathering to the Festival from the country itself and from abroad, to join this important music competition. The Fleadh Cheoil is the world’s biggest and best traditional Irish music festival that will take place between the 10 and 17th of August: a week-long jamboree of music, song and dance. Few places in the western world have managed to maintain their musical traditions as successfully as Ireland has.


If we translate Fleadh Cehoil means The Music Festival of Ireland and that is exactly what it is. . It is a celebration of the new ways for doing the old things. And what a better way to start undertaking Y4PT first “Check Up” on the mark of Y4PT Healthy Mobility  conducting a Survey among young people, Bus Eireann Customers and Festival passionate participants?


We feel it is really important to promote Public Transport education as the most effective approach to fostering sustainable-mobility-based lifestyles.


Y4PT and Bus Eireann are conducingt a Survey during the Fleadh Cheoil Music Festival in Sligo. On the mark of the Healthy Mobility Campaign,  this Survey will give responses and will promote Public Transport as a better way to live a healthy life and build a consciousness about environmental friendly cities and societies.





Music is a universal language that unites people: Contemporary society’s emphasis on the instant gratification, materialism and humanism: it is diametrically opposed to the tenets put forth by the ancients.

Contemporary popular culture, with its predilection for what is fashionable, trendy and external, has become increasing superficial, even intolerant of music that espouses higher ideals or focuses on achieving a higher consciousness.

Irish Culture and the Sligo Fleadh Cheoil festival reciprocate the above statement; it is the manifestation of how trends and tradition can live beautifully together.

At Y4PT, we feel that the right combination of tradition and clever trends can have a huge success in this world of ours.

Using the power of music and language we’d like to bridge cultural difference, promote understanding and address sustainability.

Y4PT will bring its international Ambassadors devoted to Public Transport, from India, Bahrain, UK, Italy and Colombia to promote a mutual understanding on a sustainable way of living across the planet, combined with innovative way of communication to reinforce the message of Bus Eireann that is positioning itself on the international scene and is embracing an innovative young united lifestyle.

This will be a high-level opportunity for them to network and explore the positioning and impact of Bus Eireann in the context of sustainability, Mobility, Education, Lifestyle and innovation.

During the Festival Y4PT Ambassadors will be among people and find the opportunity to develop the First Y4PT “ Check Up”, they will also witness and improve their experience with new cultures connecting with different people along the way.

These international days will represent the opportunity to showcase the outstanding Young Representatives of Y4PT and their contribution towards Public Transport.

Appeal: Help our Y4PT Chapter Representative in Nepal

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Appeal: Help our Y4PT Chapter Representative in Nepal

While doing charity work in a remote Nepalese village, a Y4PT Chapter Representative got caught up in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Alain FLAUSCH has written a letter asking for your support.

Dear UITP members, friends and supporters of the Y4PT Foundation:

As you are no doubt already aware, Nepal has been hit by a massive earthquake that has affected not only Kathmandu, the capital city, but also a myriad of little villages and small towns across the high-risk territory.

Y4PT has a special relationship with Nepal, since Juju MAHARJAN (juju.maharjan[at], Head of HeartBeat ( contacted us four years ago to actively start a Y4PT Chapter in Kathmandu (

Since then, Juju has been very active in his country promoting sustainable mobility issues as advocated by Y4PT, to the point that even the governments and media have been encouraged on numerous occasions to include the public transport issue on their agenda.

But his work is not limited to this: Juju also funded different groups of cyclists and supporters of a healthy way of moving around in Nepal. He also created specific educational programmes relating public transport to formal and informal education: one of which to name just one, is School on Wheels (

Juju is an indomitable person, creating every months new campaigns to protect street children, to give them a shelter and education; and his daily actions include him and his group of volunteers bringing education and food to the most deprived people in the streets of Kathmandu and little villages around the capital city.

It was exactly during one of these actions in the remote village of Dhadagaun that they were taken by surprise by the earthquake: after days in which we were worried for their lives, we were able to finally get in touch with Juju.

His attention was completely focused on the people of this village, where 300 houses were destroyed, a number of people died and hundreds were injured.

The group decided to reach Kathmandu and organise a rescue mission: they undertook an 8-hour walk during the aftershocks before reaching the capital city.

He contacted me telling that they needed to collect food, water, medicines, shelter, tents.

Y4PT Foundation and myself (as its Co-Founder and Chairman) have decided to act: in two days we collected approximately 1,000 euros among UITP staff and it was one of the first donations to reach them. They were overwhelmed by this little act of generosity from our side and they continue to thank us.

But the time is passing, the situation is worsening, and we need to help them in the long run: we do not want them to go through epidemic and outbreaks.

This is why Y4PT and UITP are asking for your help in supporting Juju and his philanthropic actions in Nepal, through your direct donation at the following PayPal hyperlink:

We follow daily the arrival and use of this money; it is not going to end into the funds of big organisations and we have already received details and pics on the actions they are undertaking in the area of Dhadagaun, close to Nagarkot, where they were when the quake stroke: .

Your gesture to support our Y4PT Chapter Representative in Nepal and his group of active volunteers will make a big difference.

And we will all have the possibility to give messages of solidarity and sympathy to Juju MAHARJAN in Milan during our 61th UITP World Congress and Exhibition in June 2015.

We thank you in advance for your support and do not hesitate in contacting Mrs. Alessandra GORINI (alessandra.gorini[at] for any questions you may have. She will be pleased to help you.

Follow Y4PT actions in Nepal on Twitter ( and Facebook ( under hashtag #Y4PT.

Thank you so much in advance.


Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors
Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT) Foundation