New Delhi, India


I am a marketing professional, currently working in the Indian print media. My professional history goes back to my engineering school, where I often wondered if I was at the right place. I couldn't hold my attention with books, and decided to explore my own learning process. I chose to work as an intern with several organizations during the degree such as the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Areva T&D and the National Physics Lab, to gain further experience. During my masters in Management, I explored different sectors through more internship experiences at Maruti Suzuki and The Corbett Foundation. After working at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., today, I work at Transport Times, a young start-up print media organization publishing weekly trade journals/newspapers for the Transport sector. My endeavor, so far, has been to explore sectors as diverse as possible, see how industries work internally, understand the trade, grow as a holistic marketing professional, and to continue to apply this learning to evolve myself.


I am fascinated and curious to explore ‘sustainable development’ and its affects on societies. I believe that despite India being a culturally rich country it lacks the initiative of sustainable development. However, there are opportunities and methodologies in place for India to learn. Therefore, I started working with Y4PT in 2009 to connect with people from diverse places, with similar objective as mine -to include sustainability as a keyword of planning transportation and other developments. I believe sustainability is not just a "buzz word", but a school of thought, and the only way of living that can stimulate economic development, avoiding drastic environmental and social decline.

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