Alessandra Gorini



Rome, Italy


Alessandra Gorini, a Doctorate in Biology, is the Head of Y4PT, the first and unique international group of young people committed to a new lifestyle all around the world, creating a global network of interconnected solutions on sustainability and Public Transport.

Through out her career, rich of unconventional approaches to sustainable living, Alessandra believes in challenging the Status Quo.

Alessandra has been always interested in spreading more ideas, inventing new formulas, connecting more people, so to drive more action in the world. Most of the projects she drew were delivering stunning and inspiring results: their success can be traced back to herself, who possess that rarest combination of business savvy and cultural sensitivity.

Whether writing, giving a speech at a Forum or Congress, sitting down for a radio or television interview, connecting people through social media or sharing her story with donors or volunteers, she is an enthusiastic communicator and thinker: she has an impact through her art of communication and her ability to prepare with focus, deliver with clarity and speak with power. She is advancing the sector.

Drawing on her past experience in teaching, science, public relations, journalism, communication and advocacy, Alessandra has become a leading proponent for the Youth of the world, and enterprises that can reach the Youth.

A visionary leader, Alessandra infuses all she does with passion: emotions are not a barrier, but a crucial component of decision making. Inspirational: that's the word that comes to mind when one encounter Alessandra.

Innovation and Technology, love for Nature, Sustainability, Empathy and Art are profoundly infusing her motivational and mentoring movement creating worldwide Ambassadors of a new vision of life.

She is bringing her knowledge and charm to the attention of Decision-Makers worldwide to produce the changes for an innovative and sustainable lifestyle.

Specialties:Motivator and Mentor,

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